Mini Review: Fire Dancer by Catherine Jones Payne

Fire Dancer

My interest in this story was piqued when I saw the cover, however when I found out that the story is basically built on ballet, magic & a travelling fair/circus – well I had no choice but to read it. And, I am so glad I did. This was such an exciting story & I can’t wait to continue the series.

I was sent this book to review by YA Bound Book Tours.

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⚠️ This story contains sexism,  scenes of arson & characters trapped within a burning building ⚠️

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Blog Tour Promo: Taking Wing by Clemency Crow

Taking Wing.jpegTwelve-year-old Freya enjoys karate and is the only one in her class who’s trusted with a part-time job. But everything changes when she meets a boy with yellow eyes. She learns about the guardians, and how an age-old fight has prevented them from fulfilling their purpose.

Freya finds new friends in the Crow tribe, but not everything in the castle is blissful. A destructive shadow lies within her and all she needs to do to release it is close her eyes.

But as the guardians’ war rages on, Freya realises that, although the shadow’s power can be useful, it can’t create peace. To do that, Freya and her friends must solve the mysterious crime that began the war. Can they bring the guardians together before they destroy each other?

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Blog Tour Review: Crimival by R. L. Walker



Crimival was a quick read which was great entertainment for a Saturday night when I was feeling super poorly. I didn’t completely love this story but I definitely want to read the first book as Crimival made lots of hints I want to know more about.


I was sent this book to review as part of a blog tour organised by YA Bound Book Tours.


⚠ Very mild violence ⚠

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Blog Tour Promo & Giveaway: Resurrection Girls by Ava Morgyn

Resurrection GirlsOlivia Foster hasn’t felt alive since her little brother drowned in the backyard pool three years ago. Then Kara Hallas moves in across the street with her mother and grandmother, and Olivia is immediately drawn to these three generations of women. Kara is particularly intoxicating, so much so that Olivia not only comes to accept Kara’s morbid habit of writing to men on death row, she helps her do it. They sign their letters as the Resurrection Girls.

But as Kara’s friendship pulls Olivia out of the dark fog she’s been living in, Olivia realizes that a different kind of darkness taints the otherwise lively Hallas women—an impulse that is strange, magical, and possibly deadly.

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Release Day Blitz & Giveaway: Some Kind of Tomorrow by Kay Blake

Another Kind of Tomorrow.jpg17-year-old Libby Reid has always been told life can only be lived forward not backward. Libby’s chronically ill and she spends her time counting down the days until she has another flare. But that all changes when she meets Matt.

Matt Ramírez is an 18-year-old boy who loves music, games and having a good time. But underneath he wants the world to see him. Really see him. And Libby sees him in ways no one has ever seen him before.

Deciding to make their last summer as teens memorable, they make a bucket list of things to do. Together they find adventure, friendship, love and most of all understanding.


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Blog Tour Promo: Whispers from the Depths by C. W. Briar

Whispers from the Depths banner

Joyful and blessed are Voice-bearers, for the Heavens have set them apart.

As Whisperers gifted with the Voice, Betka and her people are enslaved. Only they can control the dangerous spirits that haunt the waters, but they are forced to serve under cruel taskmasters. Betka has little hope of freedom from her service or her own bitterness.

They toil for the goodness of others.

A powerful water spirit terrorizes the castle where Betka’s sister is serving. Betka is assigned to the crew sailing to face the foe, and she fears for the only family she has left.

Rage is found nowhere in them.

In the beleaguered, flooded castle, a new threat awaits—a magic more powerful and horrifying than anything they have ever seen. Loyalties will be tested, and enemies will become desperate allies.

Betka is their only hope of escape—if she can subdue the wrath that endangers them all.

She who wields the waters for revenge drowns herself tenfold.

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Blog Tour Promo: Enlightenment by Reno Ursal

Enlightenment tour banner

Set in Las Vegas, 18-year-old Dorothy Dizon’s life takes an unexpected turn when the alluring Adrian Rosario peaks her curiosity by his knowledge of obscure Filipino folklore.
Adrian keeps his Danag secret society hidden knowing she’s embarked on a transformational journey tied to her Filipino ancestry. Together, they struggle through a supernatural ride that changes not only their lives, but of everyone they love.

Enlightenment quote

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Blog Tour Spotlight: I, Guinevere by C. K. Brooke

I Guinevere tour banner

If you think you know the story of King Arthur and his mythical sword, think again.
Your legends have it wrong.
Here’s the truth: I was never married to Arthur, and he wasn’t a king.
Because Arthur never pulled that sword out of the stone. I did.
I, Guinevere.
On the winter solstice, a mysterious sword in a stone appears in the churchyard. Not even the mightiest of the village men can remove it, until fifteen-year-old Guinevere gives it a try. The sword heeds the unsuspecting maiden, proclaiming the unthinkable: she is the blood of Pendrakon, heir to the vacant throne of Camylot.
Guinevere never dreamed she was born royalty. Now, between apprenticing the eccentric wizard, Merlyn; swordplay lessons with an abrasive—albeit, attractive—boy named Lance; and clandestine, magical meetings with the formidable High Priestess of Avalon, Guinevere is swept up in a whirlwind of training and preparation for her monumental new role as future queen. But invasions by the barbarous Saxyns and visitations from mysterious dark forces continually warn that she may be in over her head. Can Guinevere defend the kingdom from the darkness and deception that threaten to seize it? Despite her doubts and the sinister forces working against her, can she harness the power to wield Exkalibur and rule the realm? Or is Camylot already destined to fall?

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Blog Tour Review & Giveaway: Illusions by Madeline J. Reynolds



The synopsis of this book totally sucked me in so I knew I just had to read it… thankfully the story was just as captivating! Full of magic, love & illusions, this book is incredibly entertaining & will leaves readers numb by the end.


I was sent this book in return for an honest review as part of a YA Bound Book Tours blog tour.



This book contains one scene that involves homophobic violence.

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