The Sunshine Blogger Award

Sunshine Blogger Award 2

I’ve been tagged by Watching Sparks Reviews to partake in The Sunshine Blogger Award again! This tag is great because ever single post is always super different because of the different questions people like to ask. The rules for this tag involve thanking the person who tagged you (thank you Helen!), answering 11 questions set by your tagger & then nominating 11 other bloggers to answer 11 questions that you have come up with yourself!

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Who Runs The World by Virginia Bergin

Who Runs The WorldThis is going to be a review full of mixed opinions – in some ways I really enjoyed this book, but there were also some things about it that I really, really didn’t like as well. The premise of this novel was something that really interested me; who wouldn’t be curious about a world without men?! And I did find myself invested in the plot… but, the main character really annoyed me & there were some features of this version of the future that I didn’t think were right, & some which seemed a bit sexist.

This review will contain some spoilers.

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