Time Lord Victorious: The Novels

When Time Lord Victorious was first announced I was disappointed that more recent Doctors were not part of the story – namely the 12th and 13th Doctors – but with Steve Cole & Una McCormack being the writers of these brand new novels, I just had to give them a go. And, to be honest, they did an awesome job; I loved being able to explore The Dark Times, a period of history that we’ve been teased about for years, & it was fantastic to have more of Nine as well! I’m definitely excited to explore more of this story in the comics and DW magazine!

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A Doctor Who Review Round-Up

Doctor Who Round Up ReviewsSince January my blog has been closed for reasons relating to my mental health; during the time my blog has been out of action, I’ve read a number of Doctor Who novels & to make my life easier I thought I’d review them all in one post, albeit with shorter reviews that usual. I read some of these stories months ago, others just a few weeks ago – Doctor Who has been a key part of my ability to cope with my depression recently & I’m incredibly grateful for each & every one of these stories…

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Doctor Who Mini Reviews

So I am massively behind on reviews (like, seriously, I’m a mess right now) & as I have a grand total of three Doctor Who reviews to throw together I thought I’d do them in one post to relieve some of my own stress. This post will cover reviews for The Women Who Lived by Christel Dee & Simon GuerrierMolten Heart by Una McCormack Combat Magicks by Steve Cole! Two of these books I loved, but one… not so much…

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