Belated Cover Reveal: Shadows & Light by Selenia Paz


On Wednesday I should’ve been part of the team helping to show off the new cover of Selenia Paz’s new book Shadows & Light – because of things some of you may be aware of, I didn’t get the post up in time. Shadows and Light is the final book of the Leyendas Trilogy, a MG contemporary fantasy series which will be published by Snowy Wings Publishing in early 2020. The cover was designed by Qamber Kids with custom artwork by Noora Murad Ali.

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Cover Reveal: A Haunting in Hollowfield by Jennie K. Brown

A Haunting in Hollowfield

Twelve-year-old Cora Wren can see the past of any object she touches. Little does she know that they mysterious items that have been appearing in her family’s antique shop could help her solve a decades-old murder… and give her clues about her own mother’s disappearance.

Snowy Wings Publishing have done it again – I am totally in love with this cover & super excited about the story!

I love the colours on the cover & it’s absolutely the type of cover that would tempt me into purchasing a book in a shop.

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Cover Reveal: Captain Black Shadow by Janina S. Franck

Captain Jack Shadow

Today is the cover reveal for Captain Black Shadow is the first book in Janina S. Franck’s series Chronicles of the Bat!

I love the colours of the cover & its definitely a cover that would make me pick up a book in a shop – I also love the clever title of the book & I’m very excited to read it. The cover was designed by Eerilyfairdesign.

Captain Black Shadow is being published by Snowy Wings Publishing & will be released on
June 4th!!


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Wayward Stars by Mary Fan

Wayward Stars

This review should have gone up ages ago but my brain got sad so I’m really behind on reviews, again. Nevertheless, Wayward Stars was a book that I was very much excited about as I loved it’s prequel, & it didn’t let me down at all. Mary Fan is turning out to be one of my favourite authors, alongside Laura Lam & Zoe Marriott!

I was sent this book by the author in return for an honest review.




⚠️ This book contains mild violence & slavery of the human race by a fictional race ⚠️

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Cover Reveal: Keara’s Raven: Betrayal by Mindy Klasky

Keara's Raven - Betrayal.jpgA few weeks ago I was part of the cover reveal team for Keara’s Raven: Escape & today I’m helping to show the world the cover of the second book in the series, Betrayal! I love the style of artwork used for this series & they’re definitely books that would appeal to me in a bookshop!

The book is being published by Snowy Wings Publishing & will be released April 16th!

The stunning cover was designed by the wonderful Elisabeth Alba.

Find more details below 👇


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Fairy Keeper (World of Aluvia #1) by Amy Bearce

fairy keeper

I had absolutely no idea what to expect from this book, but after a really positive experience with another fairy series I decided to give it a go… & as usual, when I “give things a go” I was not disappointed! Fairy Keeper has wonderful world-building, clever character development & an exciting plot.

I was sent this book by the author & publisher in return for an honest review.




⚠️ This book contains death, mild violence & child abuse
(father/daughter violence; mainly off-page) ⚠️

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Release Day Review: Braid of Sand by Alicia Gaile

Braid of Sand

Due to having a busy schedule of ARCs & blog tours over the past couple of months it took me way longer to start Braid of Sand than I would’ve liked, & after reading it I wish I’d started it earlier even more because it was so good. Braid of Sand is a Rapunzel retelling, but Raziela isn’t a damsel in distress – she’s a warrior protecting the lands of her goddess – & she totally kicks ass.

I was sent this book by Snowy Wings Publishing & Alicia Gaile in return for an honest review.



This book contains violence & starvation throughout!

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Cover Reveal: Wayward Stars by Mary Fan

Wayward Stars.jpg

If you’ve been following me for a while now you’ll know that Starswept by Mary Fan was my top fantasy/science-fiction release of 2017… well, it’s almost time for the sequel to be released – but first! It’s cover… isn’t it stunning?!

Starswept’s much-awaited sequel is being released February 26th 2019 by Snowy Wings Publishing & the cover has been created by Roberto Falck (photographer) & Streetlight Graphics (design)!

The cover model is actually Mary’s sister!

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