Medical MondaysFriendship Guest Post #2

Last week some of you may have seen the first post in this mini-series on friendship, a series of guest-posts centred on how having a long-term illness or disability can affect the friendships you have, make & break; last week’s post was written by Megz Jones, a 25-year-old woman who has type 2 bipolar disorder. This week’s post has been written by Roxanne Michelle, a 29-year-old with generalised anxiety disorder.

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Medical MondaysFriendship Guest Post #1

This week marks the first week of my series of friendship guest posts; this series is going to involve other people writing about how being unwell or disabled, either mentally or physically, has affected the friendships in their lives – either in a positive or negative way. The reason I wanted to get people together to write about this topic is because I have had some really difficult experiences of people turning their backs on me due to my bad health, but I’ve never felt comfortable enough to write about it for my Medical Mondays series… I then thought that there may be other people out there feeling the same way, & by getting together to write about these things it might make it easier for us to deal with the heartaches we may have dealt with. Equally, I’ve met some wonderful people online through my illnesses & I’d like to celebrate those friendships on here.

This week’s post has been written by 25-year-old Megz Jones; Megz has type 2 bipolar disorder, so her post will of course contain discussions of this illness, as well as her difficulties with maintaining friendships because of her manic & depressive episodes. Megz ends her post on a positive note though, so it’s not all “doom & gloom”. Continue reading

Medical MondaysA Medically-Induced Hiatus Update

So! A week ago I told y’all that I was taking a week off from posting due to bad health & being totally behind on scheduling posts, but I’m hoping that things can go back to normal now… maybe. In that post I also told you that I was due to have a procedure on my bladder; as I wrote in my Sum-Up Sundays yesterday, the procedure went fine & apart from some pain I’m doing okay.

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Medical MondaysA Medically-Induced Hiatus

At the end of December I took a temporary break from posting so I could pre-write my posts for the new year & get ahead of schedule to lower my stress levels; I’m doing another break for the same reason, but also because I’ve been really unwell the last week & I’m having a small surgical procedure tomorrow afternoon. For just over the last week, I’ve had a really bad cold, but because of my other illnesses a simple cold is never just a simple cold; my pain has been a lot worse & I’ve had serious brain fog… because of this, I haven’t done much reading or writing for what feels like a long time so I need to take time out to recharge my batteries. Although I won’t be posting I will still be writing, with the hope of being able to get ahead of schedule by a few weeks when I’m back up & running.

As April 1st is a Sunday (this coming Sunday) I will definitely be posting a Sum-Up Sunday post about March, but right now I can’t say how active my blog will be over that following week, or when things will be totally back to normal… it all depends on how much I manage to write during my recovery from this vile cold & my medical procedure. The medical procedure I’m having is to do with my interstitial cystitis which you can read about here (the post also includes an explanation of the procedure I’m having repeated tomorrow) – I also have a guest-post going up on today about disability representation in literature so make sure you head over there to check out the series that Lili has set up for her blog’s 2nd birthday!


Medical MondaysFriendship

If you follow me on Twitter you may have seen me asking for people to write guest posts for a mini-series on friendship I liked to do for Medical Mondays… my illnesses have affected almost every friendship I’ve had since I was 17, with some very long friendships ending because I got sick; but until now I’ve been too scared to talk about it online. That’s where you come in – if you have an illness of any kind that you feel has affected the friendships in your life please email me at or contact me on Twitter. I’d like to get as many people to write about the impact being sick has on having friends, whether it’s a positive or negative impact, & then to end the mini-series with my own post on the topic. This is something really important to me & I’d love for you to be involved.


Medical Mondays
Ableism in the Workplace

If you regularly follow my posts you’ll know that I very recently changed jobs; I quit my previous job after only being there for just under 11 weeks, & up until now I haven’t said very much about my reasons for leaving a job so soon after getting it. Well! For those of you who are curious or just nosey, I will reveal all in this post. I want to warn y’all that I will be discussing ableist behaviour & attitudes in this post so if that’s going to upset you then close this window now!

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Medical MondaysFacet Joint Injections

Facet joint injection xray.png

My blog has been a little bit inactive for the last few days, so I would like to apologise for that… but! I do have a decent reason; on Friday I have my second round of facet joint injections, so over the weekend I wasn’t able to do much writing, & I’m starting to run out of scheduled posts (oops). I have a week off from now until I start my new job so I’m hoping to catch up on reviews & to catch back up on my pre-scheduled posts – firstly though, I want to tell you about Friday.

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