Favourite Reads of 2017

Best Reads of 2017
It seems only logical that one of my first posts of 2018 is one that gives a shout-out to all of my favourite reads of 2017; when I first decided I was going to do this post I thought I would only include 10 books, but as it turns out there are 20 books that I just have to put on this list. Despite probably being able to comfortably say which books are my top 3 reads of the year, I’ve decided to list the books in order of author names just so I don’t get stressed out trying to decide where each would go on a chronological list of enjoyment.

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Happy Book Birthday to The Red Ribbon by Lucy Adlington

The Red RibbonToday one of my favourite reads of the year is finally being released into the big wide world! The Red Ribbon by Lucy Adlington is an emotional rollercoaster that filled me with so much sadness, but also so much hope.

The Red Ribbon tells the story of Ella, a young Jewish girl who is sent to Auschwitz during The Second World War. In order to survive Ella uses her skills as a seamstress to gain some favour from the Nazis keeping her captive – but as time goes on Ella starts to realise the harsh reality of what she’s living through & things start to crash down around her.

You can find my full review of this gorgeous story here.

You can order your own copy using the links below:
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The Red Ribbon by Lucy Adlington

The Red RibbonI was so excited when I finally got to The Red Ribbon on my ARC list & the book did not disappoint; it broke my heart & gave me strength in equal measure. It’s one of those books I think everyone should read; & I can promise you that you’ll never look at red ribbon or apple blossom trees in the same way ever again.

I received an eARC of this book in return for an honest review.


Warning: this book is mainly set in Auschwitz the concentration camp so be prepared for war-related themes & human suffering.

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Learning Through Fiction: World War 2

This post was inspired by a conversation I saw on Twitter where Gwen C. Katz was thanking the lovely Krysti over at YAandWine.com for hosting a giveaway for her upcoming book Among The Red Stars…


What Krysti said about the world needing Among The Red Stars right now & what Gwen said in response made me think about how important books about the Second World War are right now, so I decided to throw together a list of books that illustrate how horrific those times were. This post includes some of my own recommendations, as well as some from some of my Twitter followers & three upcoming titles that I’m really looking forward to.

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