The Sisters of the Crescent Empress by Leena Likitalo

The Sisters of the Crescent EmpressThe Sisters of the Crescent Empress by Leena Likitalo is the second book in The Waning Moon Duology, & it continues the incredible historical fantasy twist on what happened to the Romanov family in the early 1900s. The Sisters immediately throws the reader back into the eerie & terrifying setting where the first book, The Five Daughters of the Moon, finished off & leaves the reader on the edge of their seat until the very final page. This book was an incredible way to end this story & I absolutely adored it!

I was sent an early copy of this book by the author as an early birthday present.

This book contains off-page murder.

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Favourite Reads of 2017

Best Reads of 2017
It seems only logical that one of my first posts of 2018 is one that gives a shout-out to all of my favourite reads of 2017; when I first decided I was going to do this post I thought I would only include 10 books, but as it turns out there are 20 books that I just have to put on this list. Despite probably being able to comfortably say which books are my top 3 reads of the year, I’ve decided to list the books in order of author names just so I don’t get stressed out trying to decide where each would go on a chronological list of enjoyment.

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The Sunshine Blogger Award

Sunshine Blogger Award 2

I’ve been tagged by Watching Sparks Reviews to partake in The Sunshine Blogger Award again! This tag is great because ever single post is always super different because of the different questions people like to ask. The rules for this tag involve thanking the person who tagged you (thank you Helen!), answering 11 questions set by your tagger & then nominating 11 other bloggers to answer 11 questions that you have come up with yourself!

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Sum-Up SundaysOctober

Sum-Up Sundays is a new series I’m setting up for the first Sunday of every month! Every post in this series will include a list of the books I read the month before as well as some snippets about how my health was the previous month – & I may occasionally include bits & pieces about the other aspects of my life! Let me know what you think of the series so I know how much effort to put into it.

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The Five Daughters of the Moon by Leena Likitalo

The Five Daughters of the MoonThe Five Daughters of the Moon by Leena Likitalo is a gorgeous historical fantasy that filled my heart with so much joy; it has wonderful characters, incredibly original world-building & is based upon the Romanov sisters & the last few months of their lives. I adored this book & I need the sequel asap *grabby hands*

I was sent a reviewers e-copy of this book by in return for an honest review.

This review will contain some mild spoilers.

This book contains sexual assault & exploitation.

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