Sum-Up SundaysNovember

This is the second time I’ve done a Sum-Up Sunday post; for anyone who didn’t see last month’s post, this series is posted on the first Sunday of every month & covers whatever month has just ended. In the posts I talk about the books I’ve read over the last month, what’s gone on in my health & a few bits about the rest of my life. Continue reading

Medical Mondays

That Time My Kidney Broke

A while back I wrote a post about My Neurological Fight & ever since I’ve been meaning to write about what happened to me a week after my syringomyelia diagnosis; as my exams are now over & I appear to be on a bit of a writing roll, I think it’s time I did just that… this post will be all about when my right kidney developed an abscess, started to shut down & I developed septicemia. This post is going to be very difficult for me to write & I’m going to have to rely on my mum for a lot of the details.

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