Syringomyelia SaturdaysI Have A Job!

As a lot of you have been following my journey of trying to find a job via the Syringomyelia Saturdays series I thought I would use this week’s slot to tell you all the good news… someone has finally hired me! Yesterday I went to meet the “boss” of a transport association to discuss a job that would involve me looking after a disabled boy during his journeys to & from school; I don’t yet know the details of his condition/s (& even if I did I couldn’t post them on here) but I know he’s around the age that I like to work with & I’ve been told that he’s lovely!

My new boss wasn’t at all bothered by my spinal condition, which that felt amazing after what happened with the children’s home last week, & she said that I seem perfect for the job. I’ve got to have some training & background checks done over the next few weeks but I should start my actual job very soon. I want to thank everyone for their support & kind words during this horrific period of being unemployed; y’all definitely helped to keep me positive.


Syringomyelia Saturdays
Job Interviews

Some of you may know that I’m currently unemployed & am looking for work; work preferably that involves working with vulnerable children that need extra support & care. Well, yesterday I had an informal interview with the director of a local children’s home for children who come from rough backgrounds. I was so excited! And the interview did go well, really well in-fact… until I had to spill the beans about my illnesses; namely my syringomyelia.

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Medical Mondays

Job Hunting

As some of you will know I recently finished university, which means I am now spending my days online, trying to find a job. Job hunting is a draining & irritating task for literally everyone, but things are made more difficult when you’re not able to do manual work (e.g. lifting, stacking shelves, waitressing, cleaning, etc.). Due to this, I wanted to write a quick post about how difficult it can be to find a suitable job when you have a disability or physical illness.

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