Time Lord Victorious: The Novels

When Time Lord Victorious was first announced I was disappointed that more recent Doctors were not part of the story – namely the 12th and 13th Doctors – but with Steve Cole & Una McCormack being the writers of these brand new novels, I just had to give them a go. And, to be honest, they did an awesome job; I loved being able to explore The Dark Times, a period of history that we’ve been teased about for years, & it was fantastic to have more of Nine as well! I’m definitely excited to explore more of this story in the comics and DW magazine!

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The Road to the Thirteenth Doctor

I don’t normally read comic books but seeing a cover with both 10 and 13 on it, I just had to order it, & I’m really pleased I did because it’s opened up a whole new platform of Doctor Who stories for me to become obsessed with. This comic is built up of three short stories which are all connected in some way & features three of the Doctors, plus some companions I’d never met before!

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Bookish Nails: Doctor Who

img_6133As I recently discovered a nail varnish that is a stunning TARDIS blue I just had to do a #BookishNails recommendation! The colour of this varnish is actually called Sonic Blue, instead of TARDIS blue, but there’s absolutely NO freakin’ way that that’s just a coincidence because it’s definitely the colour of the TARDIS (but obviously they can’t call it that). The varnish is by COLLECTION as part of the 7 Day Wear line, & is number 23; I only needed two coats for this colour to look great & I’m really happy with its durability. As always, I used Nail Growth Miracle as a base coat & an Insta-Dry top coat (both by Sally Hansen). I love this colour & it’s definitely one of my favourites.



Doctor Who: The Maze of Doom & The Secret in Vault 13 by David Solomons

David Solomons x2 (1)

I’ve wanted to get my hands on David Solomons’ two middlegrade Doctor Who books ever since they were released & I finally! did. And honestly, I was blown away by how good they both were. Both books left me with a massive smile on my face & I really hope that David is asked to write more middlegrade DW books because they were just so. blooming. good!


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Keep an eye out for a TARDIS blue nail varnish post later today!

⚠️ A little bit of very mild, typical Doctor Who violence ⚠️

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The Black Archive: Face the Raven by Sarah Groenewegen

Face the RavenGoing into this book, I wasn’t sure what I was going to get – I knew it was some sort of write up about one of my favourite Doctor Who episodes, but that was it. As it turns out, this series is a collection of academic-type analyses of a selection of Doctor Who episodes & reading such an in-depth exploration about Clara Oswald’s life & death was such a brilliant experience for me. I want every book in the series immediately!!

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I was sent an digital copy of this book in return for an honest review.

⚠️ This book includes spoilers for the Doctor Who episode Face the Raven,
as well as episodes shown before & after ⚠️

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A Doctor Who Review Round-Up

Doctor Who Round Up ReviewsSince January my blog has been closed for reasons relating to my mental health; during the time my blog has been out of action, I’ve read a number of Doctor Who novels & to make my life easier I thought I’d review them all in one post, albeit with shorter reviews that usual. I read some of these stories months ago, others just a few weeks ago – Doctor Who has been a key part of my ability to cope with my depression recently & I’m incredibly grateful for each & every one of these stories…

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Doctor Who: The Resurrection Casket by Justin Richards

The Resurrection Casket


I’m super mad at myself because this is the only Doctor Who novel I’ve read this year that hasn’t just been released & normally I attempt to read at least one pre-published novel every month. It was a good read though & it’s made me eager to pick up some more of the old novels before the year is out.

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⚠️ Violence & Death ⚠️

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Doctor Who Mini Reviews

So I am massively behind on reviews (like, seriously, I’m a mess right now) & as I have a grand total of three Doctor Who reviews to throw together I thought I’d do them in one post to relieve some of my own stress. This post will cover reviews for The Women Who Lived by Christel Dee & Simon GuerrierMolten Heart by Una McCormack Combat Magicks by Steve Cole! Two of these books I loved, but one… not so much…

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Doctor Who: The Good Doctor by Juno Dawson

The Good Doctor.jpg


I was lucky that The Good Doctor came out on a Thursday because it meant I didn’t have to worry about work the next day & was able to read it in one sitting; I always enjoy books more that way, however I know I would’ve loved this story regardless of how long it took me to read it. Juno Dawson totally smashed the 13th Doctor’s first novel.






This book contains humans thinking they’re superior beings.
Although that’s hardly a surprise.

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