Cover Reveal: Copper Mage by Dorothy Dreyer

Copper MageArcane daggers. Mysterious Scrolls.
A vengeful dark god determined
to end the world.

The soldiers of the shadow army are on the rise. The ancient deity Kashmeru has the Lotus empress under his control. It’s up to the elite mages of the Empire of the Lotus to put an end to the dark god’s course of death and destruction. But mage powers have been outlawed, and not all mages are free. As Mayhara evades the Imperial Police on her quest to gather the elite mages, Shiro must do what is necessary to escape the prison camp he’s been trapped in for years.


The collapse of the universe is at hand, and the pieces
of the puzzle must be put together before it’s too late.

Belated Cover Reveal: Shadows & Light by Selenia Paz


On Wednesday I should’ve been part of the team helping to show off the new cover of Selenia Paz’s new book Shadows & Light – because of things some of you may be aware of, I didn’t get the post up in time. Shadows and Light is the final book of the Leyendas Trilogy, a MG contemporary fantasy series which will be published by Snowy Wings Publishing in early 2020. The cover was designed by Qamber Kids with custom artwork by Noora Murad Ali.

Find out more below!


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Cover Reveal: A Haunting in Hollowfield by Jennie K. Brown

A Haunting in Hollowfield

Twelve-year-old Cora Wren can see the past of any object she touches. Little does she know that they mysterious items that have been appearing in her family’s antique shop could help her solve a decades-old murder… and give her clues about her own mother’s disappearance.

Snowy Wings Publishing have done it again – I am totally in love with this cover & super excited about the story!

I love the colours on the cover & it’s absolutely the type of cover that would tempt me into purchasing a book in a shop.

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Cover Reveal: Weave of Love by Rachel J. Bonner

Weave of Love.jpgToday I am helping to show the world the cover of Rachel J Bonner’s third book in the Choices & Consequences series. I am a big fan of this series & am very eager to get my hands on this addition to the series; the cover follows the examples of the previous two & shows the mystery & magic that the series involves. This cover also shows the two main characters separated, unlike on the cover of book two, which makes me wonder about the events to come…

You can find my review for book one, Strand of Faith, here & my review of book two, Thread of Hope, here.

Keep reading to find out more about Weave of Love!

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Cover Reveal: Thorn by Intisar Khanani

“Thorn is a lovely atmospheric fairytale fantasy about a girl and her found family. I loved it!” – Gail Carriger, New York Times-bestselling author of the Parasol Protectorate series

I am genuinely thrilled to be helping to show the world for Intisar Khanani’s upcoming book, Thorn. Reading the synopsis of this book excited me so much, but the cover has just made me even more excited to eventually read it – I’ll definitely be buying a print edition to show off on my shelves.

The cover has been designed by Jenny Zemanek (& what an awesome job she’s done) & is being released on March 14th 2020 (in the UK it’s March 24th) by HarperTeen (heads up guys, I’d love an ARC).

More below about the book & the author.


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Cover Reveal: Tears & Cruor by Amy McNulty

Tears & Cruor.jpg

Today I’m helping to show the world the cover of the fourth book in the Blood, Bloom, & Water series, Tears & Crour. This series is action packed & has mermaids – so what more could you want?

I love, love, love how bright the covers are in this series & how the characters stand out so much.

The book is being published by Snowy Wings Publishing & is expected to be released toward the end of the year.

Click below to find out more about the fourth book in this awesome series…



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Cover Reveal: Captain Black Shadow by Janina S. Franck

Captain Jack Shadow

Today is the cover reveal for Captain Black Shadow is the first book in Janina S. Franck’s series Chronicles of the Bat!

I love the colours of the cover & its definitely a cover that would make me pick up a book in a shop – I also love the clever title of the book & I’m very excited to read it. The cover was designed by Eerilyfairdesign.

Captain Black Shadow is being published by Snowy Wings Publishing & will be released on
June 4th!!


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