FridayNope! #1

Friday Nope

FridayNope! is an idea that was created by¬†with the intention of using it to warn other readers of books that they hated; when I saw the first post of this series (which can be found here) I just knew this was something I wanted to get involved in as I’ve found myself giving up on more & more books recently. has set their posts up so that they focus on particular issues (e.g. “Bi-Erasure & Other Fails”) but I’m going to do each of my posts on a particular book instead. For my first post I’m going to talk about a book I gave up on very recently; All Things Bright & Strange by James Markert.¬†

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Books I Didn’t Finish in 2017

Okay, so I’ve written a post telling you what my top reads of last year were – but what about my least favourite reads? Usually, I am determined to finish everything I start, but this year I’ve been a little kinder to myself & allowed myself to put books down, even if I haven’t finished them… there’s a couple of reasons for this; one is that I requested far too many NetGalley books in 2017 & it got to the point where I had too many books to read, so I decided that if I wasn’t enjoying something I would put it down. The second reason for putting down books unfinished this year, is because three of the books I picked up were damn-well offensive!! And the third reason? Why should I waste time on books I’m not enjoying?!

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Why You & Your Friends Need to Avoid “Touch No One” by Joseph Hirsch

Disclaimer: I received an eARC of this book in return for an honest review.

This review contains racist, sexist, ableist & transphobic quotes.34063470

I stopped reading this book when I got 11% (I didn’t even finish the third chapter) into it as I am disgusted by the language the writer has used.

My concerns first started when the word “free walking femme” was used, I believe this is this world’s name for a prostitute – the term is incredibly sexist & the fact that the prostitute is referred to as ‘free walking’ really bothered me; why wouldn’t she be free walking? Because men pay her for sex, therefore she isn’t free? No thanks.

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