Blog Tour Review & Giveaway: Altered by Vicki Stiefel

Altered.jpgAltered is a romantic, slow-burning fantasy with world-building that’s impossible to resist; I loved main concept of this book, the “Made Ones” & it’s a theme that I’ve never encountered before. Vicki Stiefel has created both a hot & steamy romance, & an addictive & immersive fantasy, whose world I cannot wait to return to.

Also, how beautiful is that cover?


I was sent this book to review as part of a blog tour organised by Xpresso Tours.


⚠️ This book contains violence, detailed scenes of a sexual nature,
a protagonist with PTSD & Huntington’s disease, some ableist slurs,
references to an abusive marriage & some sexism ⚠️

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Blog Tour Review: In the Company of Strangers by Awais Khan

In The Company of Strangers.jpeg

This story was very different from the things I normally read, but at the same time was exactly the type of thing I enjoy reading; I learnt a lot about a culture unfamiliar to me, I had my heart broken, I fell in love with the leading lady & was devastated by the ending. This is one hell of a book, & I definitely think you should read it.


I was sent this book to review as part of the blog tour organised by Rachel’s Random Resources.


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Blog Tour Guest Post: Buried Treasure by Gilli Allan

Buried Treasure
Their backgrounds could hardly be further apart, their expectations in life more different. And there is nothing in the first meeting between the conference planner and the university lecturer which suggests they should expect or even want to connect again. But they have more in common than they could ever have imagined. Both have unresolved issues from the past which have marked them; both have an archaeological puzzle they want to solve. Their stories intertwine and they discover together that treasure isn’t always what it seems.


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Blog Tour Guest Post: I Can’t Tell You Why by Elaine Robertson North

I Can't Tell You Why

Having an affair is inconceivable to Dani and yet she’s having one with Alex. He’s married, he’s an actor and she’s his agent.

Then Dani meets Sean, a paparazzi photographer with a formidable reputation. It’s a profession that makes him unpredictable at best. A dangerous trait when his motivation to expose becomes personal.

Dani knows she’s made mistakes. She also knows she’s not the first person who wilfully hurt someone they love and is simply unable to explain why. |

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Blog Tour Guest Post: Birdie & Jude by Phyllis H Moore

Birdie & Jude.jpegA moving novel of loss, regret, denial, and discovery on Galveston Island, from the author of Opal’s Story and The Ember Months.

Birdie has lived to regret many of her decisions, but she doesn’t regret offering a stranger, Jude, shelter from an approaching hurricane. Their serendipitous meeting will form a bond that will change their lives forever.

In a character driven story with memories of the protests and inequality plaguing the 1960’s, Birdie’s reached middle age and questions her life. Jude is striking out on her own, but has been derailed by a fatal accident claiming her only friend. Although their backgrounds and lives are vastly different, they recognise something in the other that forges a friendship.

As their relationship solidifies, they share glimpses of their pasts. Birdie is a product of the ’60’s, an ageing hippie, with a series of resentments. She had a sheltered childhood in an upper class family. Her parents longed to see her make the Texas Dip at the Mardi Gras ball. Jude, however, entered foster care as an infant. Her parents, victims of a murder/suicide, left her and her siblings orphaned and separated.

There is something about their connection that strikes Birdie as familiar. Can souls know each other in different lives? Birdie struggles with the awareness that she has had regrets and hasn’t lived an authentic life, while Jude faces an uncomfortable truth about her own. It has all the feels.

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Blog Tour Review: Victoria to Vikings by Trisha Hughes

Victoria to Vikings.jpeg

I wanted to read this book because, despite being interested in Victoria, my historical knowledge is mainly based from the 1400s to the end of Elizabeth’s reign – this book gave me the chance to learn, & I looove to learn.


I was sent this book to review as part of a blog tour organised by Rachel’s Random Resources.



⚠️ This book covers all the gory details of being a royal ⚠️


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Blog Tour Review: Stronger Than A Bronze Dragon by Mary Fan

Stronger Than A Bronze Dragon.jpeg

Before reading this I was a big fan of Mary Fan, but after finishing Stronger Than A Bronze Dragon she is now my favourite author. This incredible adventure was full of action, had so many layers to the story & had brilliant characters. I have no idea how I’m going to write this review…


I was sent this book by the author in return for an honest review. I was also invited to take part in the blog tour.


⚠️ Forced marriage & violence ⚠️

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Blog Tour Review: The Jumble Sale by Lily Rose

The Jumble Sale


The Jumble Sale was a sweet & chilled out read – the world building was really interesting & main character Zadi is really likeable. This book definitely falls to the younger age-range of the MG audience, but even at 23 years old I enjoyed the story.


I was sent this book to review as part of a blog tour organised by Rachel’s Random Resources.


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Blog Tour Promo: The Wise & The Wicked by Rebecca Podos

The Wise & the Wicked.jpegRuby Chernyavsky has been told the stories since she was a child: The women inher family, once possessed of great magical abilities to remake lives and stave offdeath itself, were forced to flee their Russian home for America in order to escapethe fearful men who sought to destroy them. Such has it always been, Ruby’s beentold, for powerful women. Today, these stories seem no more real to Ruby thanfolktales, except for the smallest bit of power left in their blood: when each of themcomes ofage, she will have a vision of who she will be when she dies—a destiny asinescapable as it is inevitable. Ruby is no exception, and neither is her mother,although she ran from her fate years ago, abandoning Ruby and her sisters. It’s afool’s errand, because they all know the truth: there is no escaping one’s Time.

Until Ruby’s great-aunt Polina passes away, and, for the first time, a Chernyavsky’sdeath does not match her vision. Suddenly, things Ruby never thought she’d beallowed to hope for—life, love, time—seem possible. But as she and her cousin Cecebegin to dig into the family’s history to find out whether they, too, can change theirfates, they learn that nothing comes without a cost. Especially not hope.

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