A Doctor Who Review Round-Up

Doctor Who Round Up ReviewsSince January my blog has been closed for reasons relating to my mental health; during the time my blog has been out of action, I’ve read a number of Doctor Who novels & to make my life easier I thought I’d review them all in one post, albeit with shorter reviews that usual. I read some of these stories months ago, others just a few weeks ago – Doctor Who has been a key part of my ability to cope with my depression recently & I’m incredibly grateful for each & every one of these stories…

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Audiobook Review: Carnival Row – Tangle in the Dark by Stephanie K. Smith

Tangle in the Dark.jpg

Having to wait so long for the second season of Carnival Row is ruining my life; I’ve got a proper hangover after watching the first season, so when I came across Tangle in the Dark on Audible I justย hadย to listen to it. Tourmaline is my favourite character from the show & I was not disappointed by this insight into the past.



โš ๏ธ This audio-story includes scenes of a sexual nature, war themes, discrimination against a fantasy species & rape โš ๏ธ

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Audiobook Review: Elephant Moon by John Sweeney (Narrated by Helen Johns)

Elephant Moon

Elephant Moon sounded like a very intriguing story when I first read about it, but I had no idea how wonderful, & horrifying it would be. I adored this story even though it broke my heart & it’s definitely one of my favourite war stories.



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Audiobook Review: The Girl Who Drank the Moon by Kelly Barnhill (Narrated by Christina Moore)

The Girl Who Drank The Moon
The Girl Who Drank the Moon is a long, slow-burning middlegrade story that I both really enjoyed & was kinda’ over by the end as it was just a little bit too long. Nevertheless, the world-building was intriguing & Aunty Xan is probably my favourite literally elderly person ever.



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Audiobook Review: The Nowhere Emporium by Ross MacKenzie (Narrated by Monty d’Inverno)

The Nowhere EmporiumThe Nowhere Emporium is one of the first audiobooks I’ve ever listened to without knowing the story beforehand, & it’s also one of the best audiobooks I’ve listened to. I listened to this story whenever I could & sped through it way faster than intended – I wish this story had been longer as it would’ve meant more time within the fantastical Nowhere Emporium.


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Blog Tour Audiobook Review: Visions of Zarua by Suzanne Rogerson (Narrated by Guy Barnes)

Visions of Zarua audiobook cover.jpegVisions of Zarua was an odd listening experience for me – it’s the first audiobook I’ve ever been sent to review so I was determined to listen to it all, however it did take me a while to get into properly. This is a very long book to listen to but in the end, it’s well worth it.


I was sent this audiobook to review as part of a blog tour organised by Rachel’s Random Resources.

โš ๏ธ Suicide, ableist slurs, death of children, fox hunting,
slavery, violence & references to off-scene sex โš ๏ธ

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Audiobook Review: Becoming by Michelle Obama


Becoming is the first audiobook I have listened to in literal years & it’s helped me fall back in love with listening to stories… it’s also the first audiobook I’ve listened to that I hadn’t previously read. Basically, Becoming by Michelle Obama was a wonderful experience for so many reasons – but mainly because… Michelle Obama.





โš  This book contains discussions of racism & sexism, as well as discussions of miscarriageย โš 

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