If I Could Go To The Bookstore Right Now…

I’ve previously read Deanna’s posts on what books she would buy if she could go to the bookstore right in that moment & I loved the idea of doing a post like it! Deanna has actually done 3 posts on this “tag” so I might follow her & do this post every now & again, when my list of books changes! You can find Deanna’s first post here, her second here & her third here. All of the books listed below are on my birthday wishlist, so by the time this is posted I may (hopefully) own some of them.

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Learning Through Fiction: World War 2

This post was inspired by a conversation I saw on Twitter where Gwen C. Katz was thanking the lovely Krysti over at YAandWine.com for hosting a giveaway for her upcoming book Among The Red Stars…


What Krysti said about the world needing Among The Red Stars right now & what Gwen said in response made me think about how important books about the Second World War are right now, so I decided to throw together a list of books that illustrate how horrific those times were. This post includes some of my own recommendations, as well as some from some of my Twitter followers & three upcoming titles that I’m really looking forward to.

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