Weirdo Mosher Freak: The Murder of Sophie Lancaster

This post is not a book review or a nail art post, or anything like I normally write; it’s something that I am writing without planning and from my heart, after watching last night’s two episodes of Coronation Street, in which the murder of Sophie Lancaster, and the brutal attack on Rob Maltby, was recreated with characters Nina Lucas and Seb Franklin. I am ‘glad’ (if that’s the right word) that the country is being reminded of Sophie and Rob’s story; but I am also angry and devastated that 14 years later, a show as big as Coronation Street feel that there is need of a reminder. We should not need reminding that hate crime is completely inexcusable and that the events of August 11th 2007 should never, ever have happened. We should not need reminding, especially right now, of the damage hate crime can cause.

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