The Ice Bear Miracle by Cerrie Burnell

Cover of The Ice Bear Miracle

As soon as I started this story a magical aura surrounded me & I felt like I was a little girl being read a bedtime story; I fell completely in  love with The Ice Bear Miracle & reading it was a spellbinding experience. This book is made of magic, I’m sure of it, & I think it would make a beautiful audiobook as well.



⚠️ This book contains animals being forced to perform
& animals being hurt by humans ⚠️

Somewhere in the deep and frozen north is an island surrounded entirely by ice. The inhabitants love their snowstorm isle-with its scattered wooden cottages, its small patches of forest, and its single mountain peak. Most of all they love the magnificent ice bears that roam the streets, giving the island its name-The Isle of Bears. Life with bears is dangerous, as Marv Jackson knows-the large crescent moon shaped scar on his face acts as a constant reminder of the night he survived a bear attack. But something tells him the legendary tale of that night, isn’t quite the full story, and that the truth lies with a mysterious skating girl and her magnificent polar bear.

The Ice Bear Miracle is a stunning middlegrade story about a girl called Tuesday & the love she has for her polar bear dance partner Promise; as the pair move across Canada with their travelling carnival, their lives collide with a young boy with his own ice bear experiences, who loves to ice skate & play hockey. Together, Tuesday & Marv face dangers & struggles, but the pair develop a wholesome friendship, whilst learning some things along the way as well. Readers will be completely swept away by Cerrie’s stunningly emotive writing & the message of this gorgeous little tale.

Tuesday’s relationship with her bear Promise is beautiful – I obviously do not agree with animals being forced to perform, but Cerrie has written a loving relationship which makes it super easy to believe that Promise wants to dance, & that she enjoys the experience & how much it supports her relationship with Tuesday. The love between girl & bear is so lovely & it made me all warm n fuzzy inside, especially as Tuesday’s guardian, Gretta, isn’t the nicest of people. Promise represents how special relationships between humans & animals can be, how they can save people from the troubles we experience, & I found myself cuddling my Elsa extra hard whilst reading this magical story.

I don’t know what to tell you, other than how much I loved everything about this book – I don’t have a single complaint & writing about it now makes me want to pick it up again. I loved travelling through the snow with the carnival, I loved the descriptions of ice skating (which made me super sad that I’m too scared to ice skate because of my dumb spinal cord), I loved Marv’s family & how much love there was throughout the story, I loved how this book helped me forget about the horrible things I was going through in February and, most of all, I loved the magic & power of Promise. I felt safe when reading this book, like I was a child being tucked up in bed by my mama whilst she tells me that everything will be okay. This is just such a pure & wholesome adventure.

This is only a 230 page book but by the end it I felt like it was so much longer than that, simply because so much happens; Cerrie has managed to build a deep & detailed adventure within this little book, & it never felt rushed or over done. The whole story is built around the snowy lands of Canada & all of Cerrie’s descriptions helped to build up a perfect picture in my mind of snow, cold & magic. All of the reviews I’ve read about this book comment on how magical this story is, & it’s a story that genuinely makes you feel good inside. I loved it so much, have you figured that out yet?

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