Victoria’s War by Catherine A. Hamilton

Victoria's WarThis was a very hard book to read for all of the obvious reasons, but for me, reading about a (German) disabled character during the war was a special experience, & one which totally broke my heart. This book is full of a lot of sadness, but also highlights the strength of those who lived through the war & those who fought against the Nazi regime, both in the tiniest of ways & the biggest.

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I was sent a digital copy of this book by the publisher in return for an honest review.


⚠️ This story is about World War 2 & includes all the horrors of the Nazis including detailed violence, bombings, homophobia, slavery, antisemitism, ableism (& many other forms of discrimination), trauma conditions, a forced hysterectomy on a disabled character, references to off-page sex slavery, sexual assault, neglect toward new born babies, a description of the gas β€œshowers” used by the Nazis & the death of several β€œmain” characters, including the disabled protagonist ⚠️

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