Mermaid Moon by Susann Cokal

Mermaid Moon

I ordered this book because it sounded interesting, but mainly because it’s gorgeous, even without it’s clothes on – look at it!! But it’s also gorgeous inside too; the story felt fresh & unique, with great writing & brilliant world-building. How is this not being spoken about more? It’s gone straight to the top of my favourites list!





⚠️ Sacrificing adults & children (including babies), sexual themes,
murder, drowning & controlling magic ⚠️

Merreminde Sanna lives in a klan where women lead the way, so why will no one tell Sanna anything about her mother? Why does no one seem to remember her, not even her father? Finally, one day Sanna discovers that her mother was human, & that the witch of their klan wiped her from the memories of her family. Determined to find her mother on land, Sanna trains to become a witch; but when she finally ends up on two feet, things don’t go quite how she’d intended. Throw in a desperate & cruel land witch, the people of the Thirty-Seven Dark Islands & their desperation for a miracle, plus a forced betrothal, & Sanna really does end up in over her head.

It didn’t take long for me to become interested in Susann Cokal’s interpretation of mermaids, & very soon after that I became completely invested in Sanna’s mission. The prologue was beautifully written & the transition between the prologue & the start of the story was both effortless & flawless. Susann’s writing was really easy to get into & I knew almost immediately that I was going to enjoy this story – even if I had no idea just how much I would. The cover isn’t the only thing about this book that’s stunning, the whole damn thing is.

195e53f8-4453-4a4b-8825-ca6a52a1d7d9I’ve already said that I found Cokal’s mermaids fascinating but I also loved her take on elemental powers. Sanna’s world includes the typical sea, air, fire & land elements, but time is also included & I think that’s such an incredible idea – not only is it a very obvious element that I can’t believe I’ve never considered before – it also provides the opportunity for brilliant & powerful magic, & who doesn’t love that? World building is so important to me & it was so obvious that the author has put loads of effort into creating this world; it was clear throughout that Cokal had thought deeply about things that were only a minor feature in the story & it would be such a shame if this is the only book she writes set in Sanna’s world (I would love a sequel but I do think the book was closed perfectly).

So, not only did I love the writing & the world building of this book, I also loved how unpredictable it was; all three main women (Sanna & the two other witches featured) were highly unpredictable so it made it hard to know what was coming next. Add in the fact that I’ve never really read a story like this before, & you’ve got a story that keeps surprising you page after page. The only books I can compare this book to, is that of Erin Morgenstern & Naomi Novik, & I think that comparison speaks for itself.

bbcef993-cc7d-46f6-87e8-f636742818bbLiterally, my only criticism of this book is the very small amount of romance that is included in the book – thankfully (in my opinion) romance really isn’t a big feature of the story (if you ignore the blind devotion the people of the Thirty-Seven Dark Islands have toward Saint Sanna) but it is there, mainly toward the end of the book. My issue is that I feel like there could’ve been an extra scene or two showing us the build up of the love one of the characters has for Sanna, rather than it just being thrown in at the end. Although, it’s possible that there were more scenes that just didn’t make the final edit.

To finish, the ending of Mermaid Moon was incredibly satisfying & it left a huge smile on my face; the book features magical writing, in-depth world building & a brilliant plot, so how could I not fall in love with it? I’m insulted that more people aren’t talking about this Add to goodreadsbook because I’m completely in love with it. Please treat yourselves to a copy, you deserve it. | | Book Depository | Hive | Waterstones

You can also find Mermaid Moon on Audible!








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