Audiobook Review: Carnival Row – Tangle in the Dark by Stephanie K. Smith

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Having to wait so long for the second season of Carnival Row is ruining my life; I’ve got a proper hangover after watching the first season, so when I came across Tangle in the Dark on Audible I just had to listen to it. Tourmaline is my favourite character from the show & I was not disappointed by this insight into the past.



⚠️ This audio-story includes scenes of a sexual nature, war themes, discrimination against a fantasy species & rape ⚠️


Tangle in the Dark tells the story of when Tourmaline met Vignette at university, years before the events shown in the Amazon series of Carnival Row; the story gives background to the relationship between Tourmaline & Vignette that grew & wilted, & provides an insight into the beginning of the war that drove Tourmaline & Vignette away from their homes. Hearing the story from the lips of Karla Crome, also known as Tourmaline, gave this story an extra layer & as incredible as it was, I still want more.

TourmalineTourmaline is my favourite character in the series, even if she isn’t considered one of the main characters, & I loved hearing more of her story from her own lips; it was so intriguing to learn more about where she, & Vignette came from, & more about what their lives were like back in their home, before the war took over. In Carnival Row we see the fae & other mythical creatures struggling & fighting for their rights, but in this story we see how they lived their lives when they were free & could do as they wished – when Tourmaline was poet laureate & spent her time drinking & writing poetry; & when Vignette worked around the clock to earn herself an education. This glimpse into the past sated some of my hunger for this series, & Stephanie K. Smith did an incredible job of showing us the whole of Tourmaline.

Tangle in the Dark covers the events that lead up to when Tourmaline leaves the monastery during the war; we briefly meet Philo & learn all about the history of Tourmaline & Vignette. Additionally, we learn a little about the fae royal family & how the war started, however, I really hope there are more audio-stories made about the history surrounding Carnival Row, because I desperately want to know more. In truth, I want a trilogy, where each book is 500+ pages long, detailing the war & more about the fae world, but I’m doubtful that will happen. For now, I will just hope for more audio-stories like this one, because it was fantastic.

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