Cover Reveal: Chronicles of the Bat – Sand & Snow by Janina Franck



Today I’m helping Snowy Wings Publishing to show the world the cover to the third instalment in The Chronicles of the Bat, a MG fantasy series by Janina Franck. The book will be released on April 21st & the gorgeous cover has been destined by Eerilyfairdesign.

Keep reading to find out more!




Sometimes gods go on holidays. Sometimes they meddle.

Lilith has taken over the role of Death, struggling to fulfil her responsibilities, while Selene travels far to help the country she has made her new home.

But no place is without dangers. A stranger appears, claiming to be Lilith’s childhood friend.

What will he do when he finds out she is not the person he thinks she is?


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Janina Franck was born in the Black Forest in Germany. Growing up there, she shared a Janina Franckroom with many of her bookish friends, and by that, shall we say, they were the paper and ink kind. Her imagination spurred by her environment and choice in company, she began writing at a young age.

Later on, she moved to the emerald island of legends and myths, Ireland, where she completed her education in Modern Languages and Multimedia. While her surroundings changed, her desire to create stories did not, and she continues to write and work on her stories whenever she’s not busy adventuring.




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