Doctor Who: The Resurrection Casket by Justin Richards

The Resurrection Casket


I’m super mad at myself because this is the only Doctor Who novel I’ve read this year that hasn’t just been released & normally I attempt to read at least one pre-published novel every month. It was a good read though & it’s made me eager to pick up some more of the old novels before the year is out.

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⚠️ Violence & Death ⚠️


In this Doctor Who novel Justin Richards tells a story about a land where electric doesn’t work, so when the TARDIS gets a little too close to the planet, it stops working, stranding the Doctor & Rose. However, whilst the Doctor & Rose are trying to hitch a ride to the stranded TARDIS, people start turning up dead &, of course,  neither of them could leave without finding out why. Enter a hunt for some long lost treasure, a hilarious murdering monster & a whole bunch of double-crossing humans & well… the Doctor definitely bit off more than he could chew.

This Doctor Who novel was incredibly funny; within the story there is a monster who has to kill whoever his master says he must (the identity of the master is of course a mystery) but he’s a very apologetic & witty monster who made me laugh out loud more than once. Despite being a serial killer, I loved the monster in this story & I wish him well with the rest of his life. I also think the novel should’ve been named after the monster, rather than The Resurrection Casket.

The world-building in this story was certainly interesting & I loved the steam-punk edge that came with a world that can’t use electricity. I also loved the upside down boats & the disabled characters with mechanical prosthetic – there was also a historic feel to the town that the Doctor & Rose visited, with the old fashioned tavern & docks. The planet’s history was also a great addition to the story (I love a well fleshed out adventure) & having a historic pirate legend (Hamlek Glint) weaved throughout the plot was a great feature. This was definitely a world I could read more about & one I’d love for the 13th Doctor to visit on screen.

Doctor Who novels like this are why I like reading the ones that have been out for a Add to goodreadswhile; this was a proper Doctor Who experience & I really enjoyed it (I also saw a lot of 13 in 10 which was super exciting). Grab a copy of this story using one of the links below: | | Book Depository | Waterstones | Wordery








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