Trapeze by Leigh Ansell


The cover of this book is what dragged me in – I mean, it’s stunning!! but the plot was what lead to me reading most of the book in one sitting on a Saturday. Trapeze was not the story I was expecting, & it did have some strong romance vibes, but I still enjoyed it nonetheless.






⚠ Fire destruction, miscarriage & violence ⚠


Okay, so I brought this book after hearing it was about a girl who has grown up in the circus, who is forced to build a new life for herself after a terrible accident during one of the circus shows… to me, this made me think that main character Corey ends up with some sort of long term injury or disability – now you can see why I wanted to read it. However, the story is actually about a girl who is forced to move in with her estranged mother after a fire destroys the circus she has grown up travelling with. So, the book wasn’t what I expected, but I still really enjoy it & it was quite a chilled read for a Saturday afternoon.

In the book Corey is faced with having to live a life completely alien to her – after nearly losing her life in a fire, Corey is forced to live with a mother she doesn’t know, but worst of all, she has to go to school for the very first time. Secondary school is scary & hard enough for regular teenagers, but for Corey it means keeping her life a secret, whilst trying to navigate maths, bullies & boys for the first time in her life.

Following Corey’s journey was odd for me as I don’t normally read books with contemporary themes like Trapeze, but Corey’s constant pining to get back to the circus helped keep me connected to the main character… however, after a while I found myself invested in Corey’s new life; I wanted to see how she navigated parties & trying to make friends outside of the circus for the first time ever. The book reminded me of being at school, though Corey & I are nothing alike, & I ended up really enjoying watching Corey figure her new life out. I also was incredible intrigued by Corey’s love interest, & even though the book isn’t about falling in love, Luke does feature a lot throughout the story. Although Luke appears to be the perfect crush on the surface, Corey soon finds out that there’s a lot more to him than people realise & I was just as curious as Corey to find out what was going on behind closed doors.

So, contemporary isn’t my normal kinda’ read – I came for the circus & didn’t really get much of it; but what I did get was an engaging & interesting story that made me reflect on my teenage years & I think I would’ve loved this book even more when I was at school (had I been a reader at the time). Leigh Ansell’s writing was phenomenal though & I really felt like I was reading the thoughts of main character Corey; Ansell’s writing was emotional, inviting & captivating, & it gave me no choice but to read most of the book in one sitting. Even if the plot wasn’t 100% written for me, Leigh Ansell is a damn good Add to goodreadswriter & I’d definitely read her work again.

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