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Crimival was a quick read which was great entertainment for a Saturday night when I was feeling super poorly. I didn’t completely love this story but I definitely want to read the first book as Crimival made lots of hints I want to know more about.


I was sent this book to review as part of a blog tour organised by YA Bound Book Tours.


⚠ Very mild violence ⚠

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Zoe is back for another summer of adventure. This time she is trying her hand at running her own business selling her idea of deep-fried soda pop. She quickly learns the ups and downs of starting a business and that she needs to balance her crime-solving with her day job. This time things could get deadly when the rides start falling apart literally. Will her telepathic powers be strong enough to stop disaster before it strikes?

Crimival is a short story at a page count of 145 so my review is going to be short too! Crimival is the second book in The Disappearing Act series & I read book two before reading book one; mostly this didn’t affect my understanding of the story & I was able to join the dots to work out most of what had gone on before the summer Crimival is set it; it definitely got me interested in reading book one though as I really want to know how Zoe developed her telepathy!

I wanted to read this book because of the fairground setting, although it turned out that Zoe runs a food stall rather than any of the rides or a circus; nevertheless I found it interesting learning about how a fair is put together, especially when it’s travelling or only open for special events, & the environment still made me feel safe & happy like any fair or circus book always does.

The plot of Crimival moved at a steady pace for the 145 pages, although the end did wrap up quite quickly! Even though the book is supposed to be focused on the mystery aspect it didn’t feel like a mystery book & felt more like a middlegrade contemporary with hints of the coming-of-age theme. Zoe was easy to like & it was easy to fall into her life & to understand the relationships she has in the book. I liked her, her family, her friends & her sweetheart.

Overall, Crimival was a chilled read for me that didn’t excite me or thrill me, but kept me company & comforted when I was feeling poorly. I will definitely read book one as I’m curious to find out more about how Zoe’s adventure started & I think this book would be perfect for young readers just starting to step out into the world of reading independently.

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I grew up in the carnival which was the family business, after graduating I went to college. After which I got a job teaching English in South Korea which compelled me to pursue my Masters in Education upon my return. I have been teaching English ever since.

Last year to help inspire my students to write more, I told them that I would write with them and complete a story and publish it. It took me all year, but I completed my first book, “The Disappearing Act” by the end of the year and got hooked on story telling! My time in the carnival business inspired my first book and my time spent at an archaeological dig helped to inspire my second book, “Kai’s Secret”.

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