Sum-Up Sundays


So July’s Sum-Up Sunday is coming at y’all a week late, but that was because of my posts about YALC & LFCC so I hope you will forgive me. July was yet another bad mental health month, but it was also a fantastic reading month so not all is bad.


The Lost Sentinel by Suzanne Rogerson
Rating: 4.5.png
Mid-Read Review:
GoodReads Review
Themes: 😍👩🧜‍♀️😢👊🏻

Peril en Pointe by Helen Lipscombe
Rating: 5
Review: to be posted
GoodReads review
Themes: 😂👧Ballet emoji🔍

The Kingdom by Jess Rothenberg
Rating: 5
GoodReads Review
Themes: 😍👊🏻🏜👩💛🔬👩🏽

Only the Lonely by Joanne Nicholson
Rating: 3
GoodReads Review
Themes: 😢🤒🧑🔬

Sky Run by Alex Shearer
Rating: 3.5
Review: to be posted
GoodReads Review
Themes: 😂🏜👧👊🏻🧜‍♀️🧠

Battle Ground by Rachel Churcher
Rating: 5
GoodReads Review
Themes: 👊🏻🗣👩🏜


GoodReads Challenge:
I’m very happy that I read 6 books in July, taking me up to 44 books so far this year, & they were some brilliant books too! Battle Ground & The Kingdom are definitely up there with the best books of the year.

  • January: 6 books
  • February: 5 books
  • March: 8 books
  • April: 5 books
  • May: 9 books
  • June: 5 books
  • July: 6 books
  • August: ❓
  • September: ❓
  • October: ❓
  • November: ❓
  • December: ❓


Pages Challenge:
My page count for July was way higher than it was in June, nearly 600 pages more!!, so I’m really pleased with myself for that. At the end of July my page count was up to 10,773. I’ve also slightly lowered my goal to 22,000 & I think this may be easier to achieve.

  • January: 1177 pages
  • February: 1488 pages
  • March: 1875 pages
  • April: 1659 pages
  • May: 1600 pages
  • June: 1189 pages
  • July: 1785 pages
  • August: ❓
  • September: ❓
  • October: ❓
  • November: ❓
  • December: ❓


Audiobook Update:
I didn’t listen to even a second of an audiobook in July as I’ve been watching 24 Hours in A&E whilst getting ready for work, & have been playing Wizards Unite whilst on my way to work. However, I will definitely be listening to one during August as I have been sent one to review!

  • January: 0hrs, 0mins
  • February: 0hrs, 0mins
  • March: 0hrs, 0mins
  • April: 13hrs, 16mins
  • May: 8hrs, 40mins
  • June: 9hrs, 43mins
  • July: 0hrs, 0mins
  • August: ❓
  • September: ❓
  • October: ❓
  • November: ❓
  • December: ❓


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