YALC & LFCC 2019 – Part Two


Yesterday my post on YALC went up, & as promised here is my post about my experience of LFCC; this year was the first year I properly looked round LFCC & I was pleased to have my boyfriend by my side as it’s a very intimidating space to be in. Nevertheless I bought some lovely items & got to meet Jenna Coleman!!


As I said above, this year was the first time I ventured downstairs into LFCC properly; I actually spent most of my day in LFCC, which made the day very different from the last three times I’ve been at Olympia during the last weekend of July, & it was definitely an experience. Sam & I started off by finding out how the signings worked as I was desperate to get my copy of The Women Who Lived by Christel Dee & Simon Guerrier signed by Jenna Coleman on one of the Clara Oswald pages.

When we finally found Jenna’s signing table I went to the front to find out how things worked; as I had an extra assistance wristband I wasn’t sure if I could just immediately jump the queue – I found out this wasn’t the case & was given a ticket with the number 615 on it & told that when 600 – 630 was called I could skip to the front… in shock of the large number of people I was “behind”, I asked the women if I was guaranteed a signature & she said she hoped I would get it but she wasn’t sure as it was her first time working at LFCC & she hadn’t had things properly explained to her. Brilliant. So, Sam & I went on our merry way to explore the maze that was LFCC.

The amount of people crammed into the Olympia building was ridiculous, & the smell wasn’t nice either. However, the worst thing for me was the total disregard for other people; the amount of big, burly men that barged past me without even an apologetic glance baffled me & my anxiety peaked every time it happened. I told my boyfriend that it felt like I didn’t belong in this area of the building, & I’ll be honest, it was because I’m female. The atmosphere of LFCC was sickeningly male & I felt so insecure the whole time; I got horribly snappy with my boyfriend every time he moved out of my view because I was scared of losing him & I couldn’t believe how different the atmosphere was in LFCC compared to YALC.

Despite that, I did see some incredible things at LFCC – some of the artwork was beyond words & I couldn’t believe some of the talent! I was totally obsessed with this wood carving of Daenerys from Game of Thrones & I still wish that I’d had the money to buy it – I mean, look at it!! I was also obsessed with the Lego models we saw; I’ve dreamed about having the Hogwarts set for years now & the Star Wars village looked awesome, even though I’m not a fan. Sam loved the Marvel stuff (he bought a huge shield for his sister) & he couldn’t get over being in the same room as some of the wrestlers – he was definitely more excited about LFCC than YALC. Both Sam & I were also really excited to see a TARDIS & took several photos together – although I won’t be posting them because I look awful.

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Now, I couldn’t write this post without touching on the accessibility issues – events like LFCC are known for having crap seating, but I didn’t realise how bad it actually was! The only seats available were in & around the cafe on the LFCC signing floor – & unless you waited around, you weren’t gunna get a seat any time soon. For me, standing still is worse than walking around as I get stiff, so Sam & I powered through & just kept moving. Now, it was nice that we got to see so much & got to have some fun, but I think both of us would have appreciated some damn seating!! Sam said on the train that his legs were aching loads, so it’s clearly not just the disabled that could do with somewhere to chill.

I’m also really mad that I found two disabled toilets that were locked. Not. Cool.

Back to the good stuff though – one of the best bits of the afternoon was watching Sam engage in some free Star Wars games! Like I’ve already said, I’m not a Star Wars fan (only because I’ve never seen any of the films) but I loved this idea & we had such a laugh with people we’d never met before. I thought it was so nice that there was something free to engage with & the guys running the stall were really nice too. There was “Don’t Buzz the Wire”, a game of Higher or Lower & the funniest one involved picking a small fluffy creature to try & not fall into a hole – this part of the day was pretty much my favourite part.


Before heading home we went back to find out what number Jenna was at… & do you know what we found out? That she was finishing & going home, so I couldn’t have my img_2739signature. I was devastated & couldn’t believe how unfair the whole thing was, especially because they were on my number bracket but I hadn’t got there quite in time to get her signature because I was hunting for a disabled toilet that wasn’t locked. I spoke to the woman I’d seen that morning & she apologised loads, but I was still heartbroken. But then something amazing happened. I don’t know what was said but the woman I spoke to went & spoke to Jenna & her team, & they agreed to sign for a handful of more people… including me. I was so nervous that I couldn’t look at Jenna properly & I didn’t get long with her, but I got my signature & she wrote “Let Me Be Brave” which was her official last line in Doctor Who & a quote that I want to get tattooed – now I can get it in her handwriting.

LFCC was an interesting experience & it was lovely sharing it with my boyfriend; the day was definitely full of ups & downs but it was mostly good & I’m so glad we decided to spend most of our time downstairs this year. I really hope the YALC line-up fits my tastes better next year so I want to do more than one day, but I definitely think I’ll be going down to LFCC either way.

Did you go to YALC and/or LFCC? How did you find it?








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