Mini Review: The Lost Sentinel by Suzanne Rogerson

The Lost Sentinel

Last week I posted a mid-read review for The Lost Sentinel as I didn’t manage to finish it before my review slot of the book tour – as I have now finished the book I wanted to write a quick mini review just to make up for not having it ready in time for the tour.

I really did enjoy this book & I can’t wait to get into book two.

I was sent this book to review as part of a blog tour organised by Rachel’s Random Resources.



⚠️ This book contains death, violence & scenes/references of a sexual nature ⚠️


You can find my mid-read review here.

So something I really liked about this book was that the protagonist isn’t officially “the chosen one”, I’ve only ever read one other book like this but they’re both very different. In this book, main character Tei is tasked with finding the chosen one – so she kinda is a chosen one but not technically (it makes more sense in the book, I promise). I really liked Tei & enjoyed watching her growth throughout the story; she was headstrong but also had a lot of feelings, which is my favourite kind of female protag.

If you’ve read my mid-read review you’ll know that there are two other protags in this book & I liked both of them too; one of them was strong & determined to get the best for his people, & the other was warm & comforting – but he also wanted the best for a group of people, they just weren’t his own. I liked the way the three points of views fit together, & despite seeing things from a few different perspectives I was still surprised by some of the events in the book.

At the start of this read I was confused by how many different characters there were in the story, but I loved how the plot developed & how all the different perspectives slowly connected to one another. In the end, the person I thought was the Sentinel wasn’t & that was something that I thought was awesome because that doesn’t often happen. Something else that doesn’t often happen is me truly loving all of the male characters in the story… apart from the obvious bad-guys, I fell in love with all of the main men in the story – they all have a tough exterior but they all have deep & relatable feelings underneath. None of them are arrogant dickheads. They’re wonderful, & it’s so obvious a woman created them.

By the end of this book my heart had been ripped out multiple times; Suzanne Rogerson Add to goodreadsis brutal & you will need tissues to get through this story. I 100% recommend this book & I cannot wait to read the rest of the series! |









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