Audiobook Review: Becoming by Michelle Obama


Becoming is the first audiobook I have listened to in literal years & it’s helped me fall back in love with listening to stories… it’s also the first audiobook I’ve listened to that I hadn’t previously read. Basically, Becoming by Michelle Obama was a wonderful experience for so many reasons – but mainly because… Michelle Obama.





⚠ This book contains discussions of racism & sexism, as well as discussions of miscarriage ⚠

Being able to listen to Michelle Obama telling her own story was an incredible experience – hearing Michelle’s voice in the audiobook context was very strange, but hearing her story was also grounding & calming & having her company was a huge support for me whilst battling a horrible mental health low. I knew I would enjoy Becoming, but I wasn’t prepared for how much it would move me & how much I would fall in love with Mrs. Obama… I mean, I knew she was incredible before, but this book just confirmed it for me.

Reviewing biographies is odd because you can’t do it in the same way as you would any other book – you can’t criticise someone’s life, & because Michelle Obama wrote & read the book, you also can’t fault the writing or the narrator (because she’s perfect). I literally have no negative words for this audiobook & just feel so thankful that Michelle did the reading for it.

Becoming takes us from the start of Michelle’s life, to her leaving of The White House; I didn’t know much about Michelle’s life before listening to this (maybe I would’ve known more if I were American) so wasn’t sure of her origins, but hearing her describe her humble childhood, her loving family & her determination for an education was so endearing. I also had no idea that Michelle’s father was disabled.

Fraser Robinson lived with MS & eventually died due to things connected to it. Hearing Michelle talking about how her father struggled but persevered was an honour & it was comforting & empowering hearing her talk about all the little ways his illness affected their lives. By being so honest Michelle is raising awareness of what it’s like to have a disability, but also what it’s like to live and love someone who is disabled – she’s raising awareness probably without even realising it. Thank you Michelle.

It wasn’t just her father’s MS that she was honest about though… Michelle was painfully honest about everything that she spoke about, & I genuinely think she’s included all the highs & all the lows of her life. Her honesty was so refreshing & I cannot thank her enough for it. Hearing about Michelle’s battle to get an education, how she initially felt about Barack, her need for a baby whilst wanting a career, the issues in her marriage & the miscarriage she experienced – all of it was raw & honest & Michelle is incredible.

Michelle was also so honest about Trump – yassss Michelle.

This audiobook was an experience; it made me laugh, it made me cry & it taught me things. For 19 hours, spread over a few weeks, I got to be in the company of one of the most incredible women on the planet, & I was heartbroken when those 19 hours were over. I still miss getting ready to Michelle’s voice & I hope that she writes another book about her life after The White House. A lot of people will listen to this to find out what it’s like to live as First Lady – but that part of her life is only a small part of the book… yes it was interesting & the things she did as first lady were fantastic, but my favourite part of the book, was the part before the politics.

Michelle Obama is everything I could ever aspire to be, & I recommend her book to each & every one of you. She won’t ever read this, but thank you Michelle. Thank you for Add to goodreadsexisting.

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