The Silent Coven (The Story Chronicles #2) by Jenni Revell

The Silent CovenI neglected this book for far too long & I hated myself for that before I read it – but I hate myself for it even more now… The Silent Coven was gripping & exciting, & I was so pleased to be back with some of my favourite bookish pals in a world that I would quite happily escape to right now.


I was sent this book by the author in return for an honest review.

You can find my GoodReads review for book one, Prodigy Blood, here.



⚠ This book contains mild violence ⚠

The Silent Coven starts off one year after Prodigy Blood finishes, but all our favourite Story pals are still around (apart from one but we won’t spoil book one for you). We also meet some new friends in The Silent Coven, namely Myna (pronounced Minor) & Faye – both girls have grown up in the care system & Faye spends her time trying to stop Myna from spending her time getting herself into trouble. For the whole of Myna’s life she has seen things, things she’s been told aren’t there, but when a strange man turns up & tells her that her hallucinations may be more than just that, both Myna & Faye have a whole lotta’ shit to face up to.

Note: although Rhea isn’t in this book, we do still hear a lot about her, & although you may experience some spoilers I guess you could read either book one or book two first.

I fell back into this world so easily & loathe myself for taking so long to do so – I liked both Myna & Faye straight away, Myna for her stroppy teenager persona & Faye for her undying loyalty to a girl that is, honestly, a pretty shitty friend. I loved watching the girls’ development throughout the story & although the changes are subtle, by the end of the book you really are looking at two very different characters from who they were at the start of the book. Getting back to my good pals Ellis, Finn & Zachary was also fab & I loved learning more about them & generally just spending more time around them (& Ellis is still my number one gal). It was also great to meet some new fairytale friends ‘n’ foes & I still love how much thought Jenni has put in to making her characters both original, but also very much like the characters from all our favourite fairytales.

The feel of the plot in The Silent Coven was a little different from Prodigy Blood & there wasn’t quite as many hints of our own fairytales as book one has, but the characters still felt familiar & the world of Story was still warm & comforting to step back into. Things felt a little more dangerous this time around & I really enjoyed that aspect of book two, & it makes me excited about the dangers of book three. I was so unsure of where the book was going to go for the first third of the story, & it took a while for everything to unravel & for the connections between book one & book two to reveal themselves, but when they finally did I just felt desperate for book three to be available.

I love this series & to me it’s every book lover’s dream come true – a world made up of our stories, what could be better than that? The development in Jenni’s writing felt natural & it added to the feeling of going on a journey with her & her characters. I have only one criticism of this book, but it’s more to do with the cover art & I’ve discussed it with Jenni so I don’t want to put it in my review. I wish this series was more well-known than what it is because it Add to goodreadsdeserves to be, so I hope my review will tempt you into buying yourself a copy… |

Add to goodreadsYou can buy book one, Prodigy Blood, using the links below: |





P.s. Skip to the back for the author’s note to find a mention of lil’ ol’ me… Yeah, you read that right – I’m mentioned in a book!!!




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