Wild Boy & the Black Terror by Rob Lloyd Jones

The Black Terror

Words cannot express how sad I am that this series is only a duology – I desperately want more of Wild Boy & Clarissa, more of their adventures, more of their unbreakable friendship & more of Rob Lloyd Jones’ very clever writing.

You can find my review of the first book in this series here.




⚠️ This book contains mild (age-appropriate) violence ⚠️

I don’t think I’ve ever posted a review of a sequel this quickly after the review of the first book… I also don’t think I’ve read a sequel this quickly after reading the first book in a series (apart from the A Song of Ice & Fire & Outlander books but I read them sporadically so they don’t count). It was so good diving into The Black Terror so soon after finishing Wild Boy & I loved the story just as much as the first – please, Rob Lloyd Jones, write more!

Wild Boy & the Black Terror commences not long after it’s predecessor finishes, & the action kicks off almost immediately – this time around Wild Boy & Clarissa are asked by someone very, very important (see emoji key for spoilers) to solve a murder case before the murderer is able to wipe out the whole of London… Wild Boy & Clarissa are honoured to be on the case, but when their saviour from book one is targeted by the murderer, things start to get just a little bit too personal. Full of humour, a very clever mystery to solve & an incredible friendship, The Black Terror thoroughly entertained me & I never wanted to put it down.

When I read Wild Boy I fell in love with the title character & enemy-to-best-friend Clarissa; their loyalty to each other & obvious adoration filled my heart & it was so nice to see an enemy-to-friends storyline as it’s not a trope that’s explored very often. In this book, their friendship continued to blossom, & even though they had to face some horrible situations, the two came out stronger than ever. Even when they were forced to separate, the two still managed to reunite, solving the mystery as I hoped they would – together. I love that children will be able to read this book & see two things – that boys & girls can be “just” friends (I hate that phrase) & that no friendship is perfect; both are important messages & ones that make me very happy.

The mystery of The Black Terror was somewhat different to that in Wild Boy, but it was just as engaging & it was definitely harder for me to point the finger at a character this time around – I had absolutely no idea who the killer was, even seconds before the reveal (unlike with book one), or what their true motive was, & that’s because Rob Lloyd Jones seems to have such a talent for creating a very detailed, twisted story that kept me guessing throughout. I don’t read YA or Adult mysteries but MG ones always hook me in & (I know I’ve already said it) but I’m incredibly sad that there aren’t more books in this series.

I picked up the first book because it had a fairground/circus setting, but I picked up book two because I fell in love with the author’s writing & with his characters – book two is a Add to goodreadslittle more mature than book one in my opinion, but if you love middlegrade mysteries then this series is most definitely for you – please grab a copy using the links below:
Amazon.co.uk | Amazon.com | Book Depository | Waterstones | Wordery

Wild Boy & the Black Terror is also available on Audible:








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