Cover Reveal: Captain Black Shadow by Janina S. Franck

Captain Jack Shadow

Today is the cover reveal for Captain Black Shadow is the first book in Janina S. Franck’s series Chronicles of the Bat!

I love the colours of the cover & its definitely a cover that would make me pick up a book in a shop – I also love the clever title of the book & I’m very excited to read it. The cover was designed by Eerilyfairdesign.

Captain Black Shadow is being published by Snowy Wings Publishing & will be released on
June 4th!!


The life of a shipwright’s son is a quiet one, always staying in one place while sailors of all sorts pass through, telling tales of their daring escapades to any who will listen. For the young Griffin, stories of adventure aren’t enough; he longs to see the world for himself, to have adventures out on the ocean, and to captain his own ship. Even if that means abandoning his old life and running away. But the seas of Jianlah are a dangerous place, filled with strange creatures, treacherous waters, and most dangerous of all: pirates. So when Griffin finds himself aboard the Bat, the most notorious pirate ship of all, his adventures are only beginning!

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