Balance the Birds by Susie Ghahremani

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Balance the Birds

Balance the Birds is an incredibly BRIGHT short book that’s also incredibly educational; I used it to help teach my preschoolers about how to judge whether something is heavy or light & all of them benefited from the book!


I was sent this book by Abrams in return for an honest review.

Last month Balance the Birds was used as our Book of the Week in the preschool room I work in; the related activity was looking at weighing things & using weight related language such as heavy & light. When I received this book in the post I just knew I had to use it for the Book of the Week & I’m so glad I did because it went down brilliantly.

I made weighing scales using two paper-cups, string & a hanger (see an example here – it’s super easy!) & the children & I spent ages on each day of the week weighing different things against each other. Some of the children already had some understanding of balancing & weighing, for them this book reinforced their knowledge, but for other children it helped build a foundation of understanding. We also experimented by standing on one foot & I explained how their weigh distributes itself depending on how many feet are on the ground – of course not all of them understood this concept but I know some children definitely benefited from it.

My preschoolers were super excited for me to read this book to them every morning/afternoon & we got a lot of use out of it! The illustrations are also incredibly bright & the simple text gives a lot of room for discussions about the pictures. If you work with or have your own preschool aged child & you want to explore weight with them then this is definitely a fantastic starting point for them – this is one of the most Add to goodreadseducational books I’ve been sent for the children I work with & I’m so grateful. Grab your own copy using one of the links below: | | Book Depository | Waterstones | Wordery







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