The Land of Stone Flowers by Sveta Dorosheva

The Land of Stone Flowers

Now we all know that that I love a picture book – but this book is a little different from the picture books I’ve previously reviewed, because it’s an adult picture book. And it’s bloody fantastic!!


I was sent this book by the publisher in return for an honest review.



⚠️ This book is mostly sitable for all ages
but one chapter does feature discussions about sex ⚠️

img_1556loooooooooove picture books but this book was a totally different experience; for starters it’s very long & it took me ages to get through it all because I stared at the pictures endlessly! Additionally, it’s full of adult-humour (although most of it is also suitable for children) that kept me laughing all the way through – even my boyfriend sat  still for ages to have a read of this book & he’s not a reader (& hates sitting still). The Land of Stone Flowers is also ridiculously strange – Sveta’s imagination is beyond anything I’ve read before & the things she’s come up with are so clever & hilarious… she’s done that thing where you look at our “normal” lives & has made fun of the smallest things that we don’t even think about – it’s fantastic.

img_1557The Land of Stone Flowers is “A Fairy Guide to the Mythical Human Being” & has five different sections, which look at things from “What is a Human Being?” to “Morality & Customs” to “The Human Language” – it is so entertaining to read through all the different ways of looking at our “norms” &, like I’ve already said, Sveta’s imagination is fantastic.


img_1558My copy of this book is full of page tags, pointing me to funny quotes & some of the incredible drawings that fill the pages; one of my favourite descriptions is of what a car is – the fairies describe them as giant bugs made out of metal that are powered by a human magic called mechanics & a potion called gasoline make the iron insects run around really fast… the illustrations are then based partly off what a car really is, with the fairy’s descriptions thrown in as a twist. It’s brilliant.

Even after I’d finished reading this book, I still spent days flicking through the different illustrations because each page is genuinely stunning – every time I look back over this book I notice new details & I’m genuinely just in awe of how stunning the whole thing is. It’s by far the most beautiful book I own & I feel like everyone who owns it too probably feels the same way as I do. I was sent this book a long time ago & I’ve put off the review for months because I knew that I would just ramble my way through it, but it’s done now so I hope you appreciate my ramblings.

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