Release Day Review: Babies Can Sleep Anywhere by Lisa Wheeler (illustrated by Carolina Buzio)

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Babies Can Sleep Anywhere
This lovely little book is both entertaining & educational for the little ones in your life; it’s full of bright & clear illustrations, & easy-to-understand prose. I loved it, & so did the children I read it too.


I was sent this book by Abrams in return for an honest review.


This lovely little board book was such a lovely story to share with the 2- to 3-year-old children I work with; the illustrations are incredibly bright & funny, & the rhyming was entertaining for both me & the children.

Within the first reading of Babies Can Sleep Anywhere the children had picked up on the repeated parts of the rhymes, “But babies can sleep anywhere” & were excitedly joining in with me – they also asked me to read the story again as soon as I’d finished it the first time.

This little book is nice & educational, telling children about the different ways & places that animals sleep; the pictures keep the children engaged & the easy-to-understand prose means they’re able to pick up on the story really quickly. It’s a fantastic little book Add to goodreads& I’d definitely recommend it.

Grab a copy using the links below: | | Book Depository | Waterstones | Wordery








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