Wayward Stars by Mary Fan

Wayward Stars

This review should have gone up ages ago but my brain got sad so I’m really behind on reviews, again. Nevertheless, Wayward Stars was a book that I was very much excited about as I loved it’s prequel, & it didn’t let me down at all. Mary Fan is turning out to be one of my favourite authors, alongside Laura Lam & Zoe Marriott!

I was sent this book by the author in return for an honest review.




⚠️ This book contains mild violence & slavery of the human race by a fictional race ⚠️

Starswept, the first book in this series, was my favourite fantasy/science-fiction read of 2017, without competition, & I was incredibly eager to get my hands on the sequel as soon as I finished the final page of book one. When Mary told me she wanted to send me a print copy to review I’m pretty sure I cried, & when it arrived it took a lot of willpower to stick to my habit of reading books in order of release date… lets just say, I was so happy when I finally got to the part of my list that said Wayward Stars.

Due to my very high expectations it wouldn’t have been surprising if I’d been let down a little by this book, but I can honestly say that was not the case in any way what-so-ever. I was immediately pulled back into the world that Mary has created & into Iris’s life; from the start of this book the pages exuded Iris’s emotions – grief, pain, sorrow, desperation, misery, heartbreak. I felt my mood drop as soon as I started reading, & that power is part of the reason I felt so sucked into the story. In my notes I wrote that it felt like the book had the telepathy that’s within it’s pages, because it felt impossible not to empathise with the characters I was reading about. I cannot control my emotions when it comes to this story.

Wayward Stars was also a book that I found very hard to put down – I went into work with migraines because I’d been up late reading, & when I finally finished the book I wanted to sleep for weeks, just to get over the rush of the story. So much happened in the second instalment of this series; some of it was predictable but most of it wasn’t, & that made the book incredibly engaging. Mary has written this plot so well & there was never a time where I was bored or annoyed by the story.

Mary’s character’s are written so deeply that I feel like I know all of the protags – the characters are actually some of the few that I’m able to remember, weeks after I’ve finished reading. You know how sometimes you go into a sequel, a little unsure about the events of the previous book? Well I don’t get that with Mary; her writing is so good that it feels impossible to forget a single detail.

As you can tell, I adored this story a lot; Starswept is up there with my favourite books, & although I wouldn’t say that Wayward Stars is totally on the same level as Starswept, it was so close & I was beyond happy to be back in this world. I haven’t included a brief synopsis in this review as I wanted to avoid any spoilers for the first book, but you can find Add to goodreadsthe review for book one here.

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