The Wisdom of Wolves by Elli H. Radinger

The Wisdom of Wolves



The second I read about this book (in the Waterstones newsletter) I just knew I had to have it… however, I was unsure of when I would get around to reading it. Well, as soon as it arrived I fell in love with the cover & had to dive right in. And I am so glad I did.



Elli H. Radinger is not someone I had heard of before, but she’s now down as one of my heroes. Elli gave up her sensible career to engage in research into wolves; she’s travelled around the world numerous times in order to see wolves & by the sounds of it has spent months, when you add it all up, sat in the cold, desperate for just a glimpse of these beautiful creatures. She’s incredible.

I’m not even sure what to say about The Wisdom of Wolves because the scenes & messages in each chapter differ massively from each other & there is so much information in its 240 pages & I welcomed every bit of it. I knew I’d love this book, but I had no idea how emotional it would make me; Elli’s stories made me cry, laugh, smile &, at times, caused steam to come out of my ears – the things that Elli has witnessed & experienced are things I’ll probably only ever dream about & I’m so jealous.

The Wisdom of Wolves talks about the differences between wolves in captivity vs. in the wild; how strong females are (wolves & humans – yes Elli); the importance of family; the differing opinions on wolves from around the world; hunting techniques; grief & most importantly, the magic of wolves. You can tell that Elli knows what she’s talking about throughout the book, & her passion seeps out of the pages & fills your heart with joy. Elli’s presence is undeniable as you read her words & it felt like she was in my head, telling me her story.

This is a book that I 100% recommend to anyone who has even the slightest interest in wolves, but also to those who fear or, for some ridiculous reason, hate wolves; I genuinely think Elli’s words could change how people view wolves… she’s definitely changed my view from a fairytale perspective to a more realistic one, & I want to Add to goodreadsdevelop that realistic view-point even more.

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Elli H. RadingerElli H. Radinger, born in 1951, gave up her profession as a lawyer to devote herself entirely to studying wolves. She is now Germany’s best-known wolf expert & shares her knowledge in books, seminars & lectures. For twenty-five years she has spent a large part of every year observing wild wolves in the Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, USA. The Wisdom of Wolves is her first book published in the English language.

Taken from the book’s dust-jacket.

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