Skycircus by Peter Bunzl

When I found out that Peter was doing a Cogheart book about a circus I literally squealed with excitement – I’ve been obsessed with this series since the day I found out about it & knowing that two things I loved were coming together was wonderful news. Peter smashed it with this book, just as I knew he would & I can’t wait to pass these books onto my future children.

I was sent this book by Usborne Publishing in return for an honest review.


Skycircus is the third book in the Cogheart series & follows our beloved Lily & Robert as they face danger once again as people from Lily’s past come back to haunt her – Skycircus is of course full of action, with humour & incredible writing thrown in for good measure. This series is genuinely one of my favourites out there (coming second to The Micah Grey books by Laura Lam) & I didn’t even read the synopsis of this book before requesting a copy from the publishers. If you’re into middlegrade & these books aren’t on your radar, then you’re seriously missing out.

One of the best things about this series is obviously the world-building (I mean, if I like it then it must have good world-building) & the continuation of that world-building to places the series hasn’t yet visited was so much fun. I love that Peter has sewn together our (rubbish) real world, with his incredible made-up one & the little details are fab. The Cogheart books are steampunk, if you hadn’t already realised, & that’s something I can’t help but love; Lily’s mechanical heart is a wonder to me & after seeing more “hybrids” in this book I wish even more that Lily’s world was mine, so that my spine could be fixed.

Lily & Robert were just as lovable this time around as they always are; both characters have come on a massive journey since their debut in Cogheart & I love how subtle & clever Peter’s writing has been in this area. It’s not just Lily & Robert that I loved this time around though… the characters that Lily befriends throughout this story were also wonderful & each one can inspire children in different ways. Depending on how you look at it, this book has disabled representation & I think that is wonderful & it fills my heart with so much joy. Thank you Peter.

Finally, the plot; I thought that Skycircus would be my favourite book in the series because CIRCUS but alas, it was not. The circus in this book isn’t filled with the magic that they usually hold for me as the people running the circus are the opposite of magical, & that made me kinda’ sad, however I still ended up falling in love with this plot & wouldn’t have missed out on it for the world. The plot continued on from the previous two books wonderfully & I’m hoping beyond words that there’s a fourth book on the way.

I stayed up late to read this book & really needed the escape it presented; life can be pretty rubbish sometimes, but when you’ve got books like this (especially when they’re sent by the publisher) it makes breathing just a little bit easier. Thank you Usbourne, & thank you Peter.

Here are my reviews of book one, Cogheart, & book two, Moonlocket.

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I’ve also just realised that this series is on Audible – which is amazing!

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