Mind Your Manners by Nicola Edwards

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Mind Your Manners


I used Mind Your Manners as a book of the week for my preschool children so we could focus on our Golden Rules, & the book was a great success! It has some great lessons in it & the illustrations are great!

I was sent this book by the publisher in return for an honest review.


Mind Your Manners is a fantastic book for helping little ones understand what they should & shouldn’t be doing; as I’ve said, I used this book with my children at work to look at our Golden Rules as our Book of the Week activity, & I genuinely feel it was really effective. I read Mind Your Manners to my preschooler’s at least once a day for a week & by the end of it they were able to tell me which rules were being shown on the page & about some of the advice the book gives.


The book covers things like snatching, talking with your mouth full, sharing, putting rubbish in the bin & respecting when it’s time for quiet. The book covered all of our Golden Rules (no hitting, no stomping, sharing, being kind, etc.) & also threw in some other things for the children to learn about too.

The pages in the book are covered in colour & are so fun to look at; after every read the children & I would go through all the pages & talk about what’s being shown on them – they found the pictures funny, as well as informative, & this was really nice to witness.


Overall, the children loved this book & so did the people I work with – it was a brilliant way to highlight how we should be behaving, & did so in a really enjoyable way. The children genuinely really enjoyed having this book as our Book of the Week & I’m really Add to goodreadsgrateful to the publisher for sending me a copy.

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