The Navigator’s Touch by Julia Ember

The Navigator's TouchThe Navigator’s Touch brings pirates & mermaids together in a totally unique (& diverse) world, told with strong & incredibly emotive writing, that I couldn’t help but fall in love with. This is one of those books that is way more than you first expect & Julia’s writing is, yet again, world class.

I was sent this book by the author in return for an honest review.




⚠️ This book contains violence, kidnapping, murder, discussions of torture, abuse toward children as well as battle scenes ⚠️

When Julia emailed me asking me to review her massively diverse book about gay viking women out for revenge, (gender neutral) Norse Gods, & mermaids, I couldn’t really say no. Despite the fact that I was drowning in ARCs at the end of last year, I promised myself I would pick this book up before 2019 started & I did! It just so happens that the review is coming to you way after I read the book; so apologies to Julia & a big thanks for allowing me to review the book without any real time limit 💖

The Navigator’s Touch follows the story of Ragna, a one-handed (hence the ♿ up top) female viking & her determination to get revenge on the men that destroyed her family, & her home. There is quite a lot of violence in the book, & some uncomfortable scenes, but the book is truly one of the most emotionally gripping I’ve ever read & is full of fantastic characters.

Within the first few pages, the prologue of this book had me hooked; that was it, I knew I was going to love it. But, as I got further into the story I just fell harder & harder for Ragna, her cause, her fierce determination & her mermaid lady-friend. From the very beginning I was desperate for more of Ragna’s story & for more of the world she lived in (thankfully I haven’t read the other book in the series yet so I do have a chance for more) & even weeks after finishing the book that desire for more is still very much alive inside of me.

I absolutely adored the world-building in this book, I won’t go into how world-building makes or breaks a book for me (again) but I will say that this world-building definitely made the book for me. I loved how equal everything in this world was; there was no question about how strong Ragna was as a viking & no one really questioned her at all (& those who did soon changed their minds). It wasn’t just the world-building that made this book for me though – the voice of the book was hypnotic & so engaging, & the storyline was a full-on adventure. You know when you first learn about pirates & vikings as a kid & it all sounds so thrilling & dangerous? Well it was like feeling that all over again whilst reading this book & I can’t believe how much Julia pulled me in.

I read The Navigator’s Touch as a standalone, but it is the second novel in The Seafarer’s Kiss series; after my first reading session of this book I ordered both books in print & I’m determined to read book one this year. You can read the books in either order, or just one of them, though, & still get the same out of them as I did.

Grab your copy of The Navigator’s Touch using the links below: | | Book Depository | Waterstones | Wordery

You can also use the links below to get The Seafarer’s Kiss: | | Book Depository | Waterstones | Wordery





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