Rogue by Bree M. Lewandowski

rogueThe fact that this book even exists is magnificent! Rogue is the sequel to Chevalier, a sequel that was never even supposed to exist! I was obsessed with the first book & was part of the reason this book was written, so I’m so pleased I loved this one as much as its predecessor! Rogue is a romance, but it’s also has a great plot line & some wonderfully settings!

You can read my review of
the first book in the series here.

I was sent this book by the author in return for an honest review!




⚠️ This book contains, hints at self harm mild violence
& detailed scenes of a sexual nature

It’s an absolute given that I was going to enjoy this book – Bree is one of the only romance writers that has ever tempted me into her pages & I love her work even more for it! However, within the first few pages I fell for this book even harder than expected because our main character, Abra, was born with a cleft pallet… I’m not calling that a disability, but it’s something that isn’t usually considered when creating a protagonist so I have a lot of love for this tiny detail.

Abra was wonderful; I loved her spirit, & that she wasn’t at all the “perfect” protag that so many fantasy romances contain – Abra felt tangible & I really connected with her. On the other hand, I found it hard to work out her love interest Saya; I did like him, but I suppose I didn’t trust him? His attitude toward women before Abra bothered me, & even his behaviour toward Abra was questionable at times. Nevertheless, he did prove me wrong in the end, so well done Saya; I’m not usually so forgiving.

In Chevalier we got quite a lot of world-building, in terms of the magical elements on the world & the mythical creatures that reside there; but, in Rogue there wasn’t quite as much – at least not to start with. Instead, we learnt more about the everyday ways of this world, & what its like to just be a normal, unknowing person living in it – which was really nice. The pace of the world-building in this book was so different from the first & I found it super refreshing.

Now, onto the plot – as this is a romance book one would expect me to rip the plot to pieces, but alas, I’m not going to… Rogue has that trope that people love to hate – instalove, & in this case I actually did enjoy it, although in some ways the relationship between Abra & Saya did feel a little rushed, & I wish that Bree had been able to dedicate more page time to that development… Regardless of that though, Abra & Saya relationship got my heart rating & Bree’s sex scenes are perfection! Elsewhere, the plot was incredible & I’m obsessed with Lata Undan & I’ve already told Bree that I literally need a short story based there! I won’t spoil the book for you by telling you what Lata Undan is but you’re going to love the characters that come with it!

The writing in this book felt like music, it flowed so well & really lodged itself in my heart; it was addictive & so, so immersive & it makes me so sad that Bree’s writing isn’t more well known! I loved how Bree tied the first & second book together at the end, with the four main characters coming together to face a huge challenge that will show itself in full light in the final instalment of the trilogy (which I’m really excited about). The ending has made me really curious about the history of Saya & Khol’s friendship, so I’d love for Bree to write a short story about this too!

Add to goodreadsBree is fantastic & so is her work, so I’m begging you to grab your own copy of this book, & it’s prequel! Please, please, please use the links below to make a purchase: | | Angus & RoberstonBarnes & NobleiBooks | MondadoriKobo | !ndigo






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