Doctor Who Mini Reviews

So I am massively behind on reviews (like, seriously, I’m a mess right now) & as I have a grand total of three Doctor Who reviews to throw together I thought I’d do them in one post to relieve some of my own stress. This post will cover reviews for The Women Who Lived by Christel Dee & Simon GuerrierMolten Heart by Una McCormack Combat Magicks by Steve Cole! Two of these books I loved, but one… not so much…

The Women Who Lived
Christel Dee & Simon Guerrier

This fabulous book is full to the brim with stories about some of the best women that have graced the Doctor with their company; from original Who to modern Who, you’re sure to find all your favourite ladies within this book’s pages. But, not only that – there are also beautiful drawings & paintings of these characters to go alongside the stories & I fell in love with so many of them.

Reading this book was such a treat & I’m really glad I took my time with it; by picking it up between other reads I was able to enjoy the different character’s backgrounds one at a time, instead of taking in too many stories in one go & having an information overload. This book also gave me a huge urge to stop everything else I was doing so I could sit down & watch Doctor Who right from the beginning so I could learn more about some of the interesting women I’ve never actually seen on my screen. I was also reminded of some amazing characters that had fallen to the back of my memory, which was also Add to goodreadsreally nice.

This book is an absolute must for any Whovian fans – especially the feminist ones! You can grab your own copy using the links below: | | Book Depository | Waterstones | Wordery




Molten Heart
Una McCormack

I actually read this book back in November (see, I told you I was behind on reviews) but I can still remember how much I loved the story! Molten Heart is set on an alien planet that is so, so different from ours; with aliens that are SO different from humans! The people in this book were made from rocks & with that small detail Una McCormack had to think so deeply about how this alien planet would work – because, when you really think about it, how could rock people possibly live in a world like ours? I know that’s a weird question, but Una’s writing really makes you think deeply about it & I can’t even imagine how much world-building planning this novel must have needed. I just feel so sad that this world won’t be shown on our screens.

As for the actual plot – I loved that too. The characters from our screens were perfectly recreated on paper for this story & the adventure was one that I was totally addicted to, & that I would, again, love to watch on TV. A lot of this story wasn’t lead by the Doctor, Ryan, Graham & Yas, instead the alien race led it, which I really liked… it wasn’t until the end that the Doctor & co had to really step in to save the day – but even then, without the native race, they would have failed.

I was so happy with this book, especially because it meant I was able to rate the first two 13th Doctor novels 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟  – however, I think I would’ve loved this book even if it Add to goodreadswas outside of the Doctor Who universe because Una seriously did an incredible job.

Grab your own copy using one of the links below: | | Waterstones | Wordery




Combat Magicks
Steve Cole

Aaaaaaand this is where this post goes a little sour – I only rated Combat Magicks 🌟🌟🌟 as I just really couldn’t seem to get into the story… it felt like the book went on f o r e v e r even though it’s around the same length as the other Doctor Who novels, & I found a lot of it hard to understand. The amount of times I had to go back & reread something, just to not understand it again was ridiculous. Ryan also did a lot of soft swearing, which I really didn’t understand because in my head he’s not the sort of guy to swear for the sake of swearing? I have no issue with swearing, I swear like a sailor; it just didn’t seem to fit with Ryan’s character. There was also a lot of death? *shrug*

Nevertheless, the book wasn’t all bad; apart from Ryan’s soft-swears Steve Cole did manage to present our beloved Doctor & her companions well, & most of the time I did hear their voices in my head when reading their dialogue. I also liked the witch-y aliens – although I found it odd that the book was focused on aliens when the episode after this book was released was about witches too… So yeah, this book wasn’t a complete flop, but Add to goodreadsgenerally it just wasn’t for me *shrug*

Grab a copy using the links below: | | Book Depository | Waterstones | Wordery


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