The Islands of Fandye by Ollie Locke

The Islands of Fandye


When I heard about this book I knew I had to read it – Ollie Locke is fabulous & I love him on Made in Chelsea, so throw in some fantasy & I just had to have his book. And it absolutely did not disappoint! I loved this story, it was beyond magical & I can’t wait for the rest of the series… I just hope the next book is longer!




This book contains very mild violence & some death

When I first started this book I was unsure about how good it would be – Ollie’s a celebrity & I worried that may be the reason he got published… I also thought the writing was a little underdeveloped at first, but I very quickly came to love Ollie’s natural story-telling voice & fell head-over-heels for the magic he has created.

The Islands of Fandye has magic leaping off of the page; the laid-back narrative lulls the reader into comfort & relaxation, & took me back to a childhood of listening to my mum read me stories. Whilst reading the story I could almost hear Ollie’s voice telling me this gorgeous, imaginative tale & I would love an audiobook to be made with him as the narrator.

The creatures in this story are mostly very original, but there are some twists on animals from our world, as well as your classic fairytale life forms – all of which I’m dying to learn more about. The way this whole book was written meant that even a simple animal, like a whale, was instantly magical – even without an operatic singing voice thrown in for good measure.

The actual Islands of Fandye were described phenomenally & it was genuinely hard not to picture how this story would look on the big screen – this would seriously make an amazing film & some of the scenes reminded me of a film I loved when I was a child called Ferngully: The Last Rainforest (so much so that I would be so shocked if Ollie had never seen it). I say this a lot, but the setting of this story really did feel very original – even with the subtle hints of Peter Pan’s NeverLand (which just made me love the book more).

Finally, I want to say that I love that this book came to life because of something extraordinary that actually happened in the real world – i.e. the Thames whale of 2006. I think it’s fate that this book was supposed to come out this year & to be a massive success because of another whale arriving in the Thames a few months ago. If that isn’t a good omen, I don’t know what is.

I adore watching Ollie Locke on TV – he’s a great role-model & is someone I would love to have a friend. I also find it adorable that he’s dedicated this book to his God Children. Nevertheless, even if Ollie wasn’t a TV personality that I loved, this book would’ve still been a hit with me & I agree completely that this book is one for all ages. Congrats Ollie, Add to goodreadsyou smashed it.

If you’re following my reviews then you need this book! It’s beautiful & so enchanting, & everyone needs to read it: | | Book Depository | Waterstones | Wordery


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