2018 Bookish Yays & Nays

It’s the final day of 2018 so I thought I’d throw a quick post together about my top books of the year & those that I didn’t even finish! I haven’t posted for a while & I’ll be honest in saying that I’ve been neglecting my blog a little recently, so I’m hoping that in 2019 I’ll pick things back up & will make myself proud of my blog again. I am starting uni in January though, so that has to be my main focus! Keep your fingers crossed for me… Continue reading

Blog Tour Promo: Enlightenment by Reno Ursal

Enlightenment tour banner

Set in Las Vegas, 18-year-old Dorothy Dizon’s life takes an unexpected turn when the alluring Adrian Rosario peaks her curiosity by his knowledge of obscure Filipino folklore.
Adrian keeps his Danag secret society hidden knowing she’s embarked on a transformational journey tied to her Filipino ancestry. Together, they struggle through a supernatural ride that changes not only their lives, but of everyone they love.

Enlightenment quote

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Blog Tour Spotlight: I, Guinevere by C. K. Brooke

I Guinevere tour banner

If you think you know the story of King Arthur and his mythical sword, think again.
Your legends have it wrong.
Here’s the truth: I was never married to Arthur, and he wasn’t a king.
Because Arthur never pulled that sword out of the stone. I did.
I, Guinevere.
On the winter solstice, a mysterious sword in a stone appears in the churchyard. Not even the mightiest of the village men can remove it, until fifteen-year-old Guinevere gives it a try. The sword heeds the unsuspecting maiden, proclaiming the unthinkable: she is the blood of Pendrakon, heir to the vacant throne of Camylot.
Guinevere never dreamed she was born royalty. Now, between apprenticing the eccentric wizard, Merlyn; swordplay lessons with an abrasive—albeit, attractive—boy named Lance; and clandestine, magical meetings with the formidable High Priestess of Avalon, Guinevere is swept up in a whirlwind of training and preparation for her monumental new role as future queen. But invasions by the barbarous Saxyns and visitations from mysterious dark forces continually warn that she may be in over her head. Can Guinevere defend the kingdom from the darkness and deception that threaten to seize it? Despite her doubts and the sinister forces working against her, can she harness the power to wield Exkalibur and rule the realm? Or is Camylot already destined to fall?

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Blog Tour Q&A & Review: Rosie Loves Jack by Mel Darbon

Rosie Loves Jack


Today I have a review AND some questions asked by me, & answered by Mel Darbon herself!! I loved this book, not just for it’s representation, but also because the writing & story-telling were fab. This is a really important book for a whole number of reasons & I’m so excited that it’s the subject of my first author Q&A!

I read this book after being approached about a Q&A & read it for that reason; this does not impact on my opinion.

This book contains ableist behaviour/language, taking advantage of young girls,
discussions of rape/pimping out teenagers & other scenes of a sensitive nature.

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Blog Tour Review: Rothana (Star-Fae #2) by Sarah Delena White


I didn’t in a million years think that Rothana could top Halayda as much as it did – I’ve never been so wrong. Everything I thought I knew about this world & it’s characters has been thrown into question & all I know is that I’m dying for the final book in the series.

You can find my review of the first book in the series, Halayda, here.

I was sent this book by the publisher in return for an honest review.




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Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon

Dragonfly in AmberI’m going to keep this short & sweet as I finished Dragonfly in Amber a while ago, but wanted to write a quick review because I did so for Outlander…

Some of you will remember that I knew a lot about the first book because of watching the TV show based on the novels; this knowledge continued into part of book two, but the ending was something I definitely didn’t expect as I stopped watching the show before the events got that far. The final pages of this book tore my heart apart & I cried buckets for Claire & Jamie. Thanks to the TV show’s adverts (& the fact that this series is a million books long), I know this isn’t the end for one of the best fictional couples ever, but I’m still nervous about what the next book, Voyager, will bring… I’m absolutely itching to pick it up though.

Add to goodreads                                   You can find my review for book one here!

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