Medical MondaysA Complete Guide to Pacing for Chronic Pain

This review marks the end of this course & I’m definitely saddened by this – however, this session’s teachings meant a lot to me & is probably the most important part of the course in my eyes. In this post I’ll tell you a little about Esther’s advice on how to address the common barriers people with chronic pain face on a daily basis.

Week Six
Address Common Barriers

Week 6 acknowledges all the barriers us Spoonies experience because of our pain & energy levels & Esther takes the chance to make sure her students know that not being able to do something, having to pace &/or falling off of our pacing schedule doesn’t affect our worth as people. Esther reminds us that it’s who we are that matters, not what we can do or what we achieve. As I’ve said in this post already, my mental health has been bad recently & I’ve felt a lot of guilt, about neglecting my blog & neglecting this course especially, which is an emotion Esther dedicated a whole section to; I needed her support & positivity this weekend so I’m even more frustrated with myself for putting off the final session until now. But I’m grateful, very grateful as well.

Week 6 is the final session in The Complete Guide to Pacing for Chronic Pain & I have to admit that makes me a bit sad – being able to have someone talk to me (at me?) about my pain & ways to cope with it has been comforting & has helped me feel less alone. I don’t doubt one bit that I’ll be revisiting the lectures in this course because Esther really helped me to feel more positive about my situation.


So, this brings us to the end of my reviews for the weekly lectures from Esther Smith on how to pace when you suffer with chronic pain – week 6 has left me feeling a little more sunny after a few weeks of rain & I feel very thankful that I was asked to take part in this course. Next Monday I’ll be posting a summary post about the entire course, how it’s helped me & what I’ve learnt. See you then.






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