Nursery Review: Where in the Wild by Jonny Lambert

Where in the WildWhere in the Wild is a gorgeous board picture book that educates young readers about different animals & their homes, that covers habitats from across the globe. I loved the variety of animals covered in the book & there were a few animals that I hadn’t even heard of – so even I learnt something!

I was sent this book by Little Tiger Books in return for an honest review.



I loved that the illustrations look like they’ve been created by layered craft paper; Jonny Lambert & Poppy Bishop have created a really unique look for this book & I feel like I’d recognise their work in a bookshop just by this design – before even looking at the author’s name. This unique form of illustration also gives off a really creative feel, that made me want to do cutting & sticking with the children when we read it.

Speaking of which, the children I read this to loved the book – I caught some of the younger children looking through the book off their own backs & seeing their eyes flit across the page, trying to take all the details in, filled me with a lot of joy. When I read the book to the older children I asked them to tell me which animals they could see on the pages, & what other things they could see in the environment around the animals – they really enjoyed this & got very loud when voicing what they could see.

My favourite thing about this book is the final page though – at the end of the book the authors have taken the time to write a rhyming poem about how humans are affecting the habitats mentioned in the book, & asks children to start looking after our planet. This lovely touch opens up a conversation with older children about our planet, global warming & about the importance of thinking about how we treat the places we live.

I love this book & it’s one of those board books that I know I’ll be reading to my own children one day in the future; a book like this is timeless & may one day be the first chance young children have to look at some of the could-be extinct animals featured in Add to goodreadsthe story. You can grab your own copy using the links below: if you use the Amazon or Book Depository links to make a purchase I will receive a small fee at no cost to you so please consider doing so. | | Book Depository | Waterstones | Wordery


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