Nursery Review: Hungry Bunny by Claudia Rueda

Hungry Bunny.jpgWhen I read about this book in Chronicle Book’s newsletter I couldn’t resist requesting a copy – I’d never read an interactive story before so I was excited to see what was involved. Well, the children & I loved it! I ordered the companion book to Hungry Bunny before I’d even read it to the children because I was that excited about it.

I was sent this book by Chronicle Books in return for an honest review.

When I opened the parcel containing Hungry Bunny I was so excited – & my excitement doubled when I started to look through the book; as I said in my intro, Hungry Bunny is an interactive story – this means that the book asks the reader to help tilt the pages, or to help push Bunny along throughout the story, which I thought was both genius & adorable. I was incredibly excited about reading this to the children at work as I knew they were going to love it.

I sat down with a group of four or five 2-year-olds & told them that I wanted to introduce them to a friend of mine, Bunny; I then explained that my friend was very hungry & that he would need their help to collect some apples for his dinner. After this introduction the children were hooked, but even if they hadn’t been, it wouldn’t have taken long for them to become so. When I asked the children to help turn the book, or asked for their help to create a bridge out of the book’s ribbon, they were incredibly eager to assist me, & they quickly started to shift closer & closer to me, so that they could be next to help out Hungry Bunny. I practically had five 2-year-olds sitting on my lap. The children laughed throughout the read & I couldn’t help but smile & laugh along with them – I loved seeing the children so enthusiastic about a book & it was great to see how engaged they were in their mission to collect apples.

When I had finished reading the story with the children (for the second time in a row) one of my work pals asked if they could have a look through the story themselves; as soon as she sat down with the book three of the children went & sat with her. My colleague tried to flick through the pages, as adults do with children’s books, but the group that had gathered around her wouldn’t let her – instead they showed her how to help Bunny, by showing her how to hold the ribbon just right to make a bridge, & how to push Bunny into his burrow. If she tried to turn the page without completing the task, the children squealed at her to turn the page back. Just thinking about this scene now is making me smile because it was just so lovely to see the children so excited over a book! And a book that I had brought in for them.

The companion book to Hungry Bunny is set in winter, & has lots of snow, so when the weather gets colder I’ll be taking that one in for them too – & I can’t wait to do so. I’m so, so grateful to Chronicle Books for sending me this gorgeous story; it’s definitely one of the best books I’ve ever received. You can grab your own copy (which I really do Add to goodreadsencourage you to do) using the links below: if you use the Amazon or Book Depository links to make a purchase I will receive a small fee at no cost to you so please consider doing so. | | Book Depository | Waterstones | Wordery


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