Medical MondaysA Complete Guide to Pacing for Chronic Pain

Earlier today my post on week three went up – I finished week three in awe of Esther & how much effort she’s put into helping people like me live better, & less painful lives. Week four of Pacing for Chronic Pain involves a lot of self-reflection; Esther encourages students to look at their lives, their everyday priorities & the things that can be cut out to make life easier. I enjoyed week four as the reading wasn’t as intense, but the course materials were incredibly useful & after finishing the assignments I felt very productive.

Week Four
Find Your Baseline

Week four starts off by assessing whether you are the type of person that is overactive, inactive or paces themselves well – unsurprisingly I fell into the inactive category, meaning I need to lose my fear of pain & push myself a little harder, but also into the category of people who pace themselves well… this was also unsurprising to me because over the past three sessions I’ve realised how much I have naturally altered the way I live my life to get the most out of it, regardless of my pain & physical limitations.

The session then looks at your priorities & what things one can cut out of their life in order to make more time, or allocate more energy, toward the things that matter; this part of the session reminded me a little of the rule making system that Esther mentioned in week two. I struggled a little with the assignment for this part of week four due to the guilt that all chronically ill people feel all the time, but I’m glad Esther pushed me to think about the things I did, because I definitely think it’s important.

Now that I’m 78% of the way through the course, I really don’t want it to end! I’m enjoying looking at my pain & life in an academic way, so that I can be critical & think about things in a logical way, without my emotions getting in the way. I’ve had to pull out of the second course of Esther’s that I was going to partake in, for personal reasons, & I’m genuinely devastated about it. Bring on the last two weeks!

Check back in next Monday for write ups on week 5 & 6! If you’d like to find out more about Esther & the chronic pain courses she’s created you can click here.





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