Medical MondaysA Complete Guide to Pacing for Chronic Pain

This review marks the end of this course & I’m definitely saddened by this – however, this session’s teachings meant a lot to me & is probably the most important part of the course in my eyes. In this post I’ll tell you a little about Esther’s advice on how to address the common barriers people with chronic pain face on a daily basis.

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Medical MondaysA Complete Guide to Pacing for Chronic Pain

Well then, it’s been a while since I last updated you on the online course I’ve been doing & that’s because my mental health has been an absolute mess for the last few weeks – I owe Esther a huge apology for letting her down with my crappy scheduling & I apologise to those of you that have messaged me, asking when my next update it going up. In this post I’m going to sum-up week five, & later today my sum-up on week six will go up – next Monday I’ll post my overall summary of the course as well. Continue reading

Doctor Who: The Good Doctor by Juno Dawson

The Good Doctor.jpg


I was lucky that The Good Doctor came out on a Thursday because it meant I didn’t have to worry about work the next day & was able to read it in one sitting; I always enjoy books more that way, however I know I would’ve loved this story regardless of how long it took me to read it. Juno Dawson totally smashed the 13th Doctor’s first novel.






This book contains humans thinking they’re superior beings.
Although that’s hardly a surprise.

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Cover Reveal: Another Kind of Magic by Elizabeth Davies

Another Kind of Magic.jpg


I’m going to have to be honest; I am devastated that I’m revealing the cover of the final book in the Caitlyn trilogy because it means the series is almost over & I’m not sure I’m ready for that!

Nevertheless, I’m just as in love with this cover as the previous two; Caitlyn’s stance says to me that we may see a more insecure side of her in the finale & that this book may be a bit more about her than her new mistress.



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Guest Post: The Legend Behind The Daughters of Morrigan by Annie Cosby

DOM1.jpgSo, today I have a post that’s a little different from normal. Some of you may know that today is the release of Annie Cosby’s new book The Daughters of Morrigan, which has been published by Snowy Wings Publishing; as I’ve drowning in ARCs at the moment I didn’t request a copy of the book, but after seeing the cover I just knew I had to reach out to Annie Cosby about her doing a guest post for my blog on the day of the release.

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Nursery Review: Where in the Wild by Jonny Lambert

Where in the WildWhere in the Wild is a gorgeous board picture book that educates young readers about different animals & their homes, that covers habitats from across the globe. I loved the variety of animals covered in the book & there were a few animals that I hadn’t even heard of – so even I learnt something!

I was sent this book by Little Tiger Books in return for an honest review.



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Blog Tour Review & Giveaway: A Stain on the Soul by Elizabeth Davies

A Stain on the Soul


Part of me was worried that A Stain on the Soul wouldn’t live up to Three Bloody Pieces – but it did! I loved the second Caitlyn book just as much as I did the first & I was so happy to get back into Caitlyn’s life. This series is fab-u-lous.

You can find my review for the first book here.

I was sent this book to review as part of a blog tour, via Rachel’s Random Resources.

This book contains sex scenes, violence, attempted rape & bewitched possession.

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Blog Tour Review & Giveaways: Eternal Seas by Lexi Rees

Eternal Seas

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Eternal Seas; the synopsis I was sent made me thinks pirates & that’s why I became interested, but there wasn’t much else. Alas, there weren’t really any pirates, but the book was interesting & will be great for young children just starting to read stories on their own.

I was sent this book in return for an honest review as part of a blog tour, by Rachel’s Random Resources.



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Nursery Review: Hungry Bunny by Claudia Rueda

Hungry Bunny.jpgWhen I read about this book in Chronicle Book’s newsletter I couldn’t resist requesting a copy – I’d never read an interactive story before so I was excited to see what was involved. Well, the children & I loved it! I ordered the companion book to Hungry Bunny before I’d even read it to the children because I was that excited about it.

I was sent this book by Chronicle Books in return for an honest review.

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