Nursery Review: Sleep by Kate Prendergast


I saw another blogger review this (if it was you please let me know) & knew that I just had to request my own copy to read to the children at work – luckily for me my wish was granted & the lovely Old Barn Books sent me this precious book as well as a few others for me & for the children I work with.

I was sent this book by Old Barn Books in return for an honest review.


This story looks at a range of animals, including mice, tigers, meerkats, horses & puppies, with detailed illustrations to capture your attention & witty, short facts, adults & children are sure to fall in love with this educational picture book. If you want to get your children or students into nature I think this is a brilliant way to do it – because what do we all have in common with all animals? We all sleep!


I absolutely love the illustrations in this book – they’re so cute & coloured wonderfully, making it impossible not to inspect the images in detail before turning the pages. The children I read Sleep to were captivated by the different animals included & were fascinated by the idea that fish sleep whilst swimming & with their eyes open – we have fish in our playroom & some of the children got up to check that they definitely don’t have eyelids! The children were super interested in the different animals included by Prendergast & a group of the three-year-olds asked to look at the book by themselves after I had read it to them.


Add to goodreadsOverall, I absolutely recommend this book, for its educational purposes & it’s gorgeous illustrations… if you have little ones then you should really look into purchasing this little gem. | | Book Depository | Waterstones | Wordery


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