Medical MondaysA Complete Guide to Pacing for Chronic Pain

Last week I wrote about my experience with the first week of Esther Smith’s online course, A Complete Guide to Pacing for Chronic Pain (you can find that post here) – my experience of week one was positive but I also felt a little sceptical that I would be able to fit pacing into my everyday life but also intrigued about what I might learn over the next six weeks.

Week Two
Choose A Pacing System (part one)

Week two focuses on educating students about three pacing systems that Esther has created; these involve using an electronic tracking device, creating your own rules to follow & exercising “on the edge”. In week three Esther will discuss two more pacing systems, giving students five to choose from or to combine in order to help themselves manage their pain better or more effectively.

The idea behind using an electronic tracking device to monitor activity sounds interesting to me & it’s definitely something I’m considering looking into, but I realised that I have already come up with my own rules to follow that help limit my chronic pain & flares – although I didn’t realise this until starting this course. Exercising on the edge is for people that experience chronic pain when they exercise, or for those who would like to exercise despite their pain – this isn’t really something that’s relevant to me, although it might be when I restart hydrotherapy, but I still think it’s a clever idea. I’d be super interested to speak to someone who starts using this method as I’d love to find out how well it works.

I finished the module for week two feeling a lot more reassured about the help Esther may be able to provide me – the course has actually been really educational so far & has given me some great ideas on how to manage & monitor my pain. It also feels really nice to feel understood… Esther is like me, she’s a spoonie too, & she understands what it’s like to live every day in pain; I’ve spoken to other people online with chronic pain, but somehow it feels different being “taught” by someone that gets it.

I’m excited to learn more about the last two pacing methods, & figuring out if I may be able to use them to make my life a little bit easier. Check back in next Monday for an update! If you’d like to find out more about Esther & the chronic pain courses she’s created you can click here.





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